Hello and welcome. I’m Dr. Trevor Cates. This is part 2 of my question and answer session where I answer your skin health, skincare and anti-aging questions. I know it’s something a little different, but I have received so many questions on skin health, skincare and aging. Along with requests for the best beauty tips that I decided to dedicate two entire episodes to answering your questions. If your question is not answered leave a comment, join our group, or hit me up on social media and I can address your questions in future episodes..

Your Questions Answered:

  • Question:
  • A couple of months ago I noticed a rash on one of my eyelids and most recently noticed that the skin in the area was lighter.  My dermatologist thinks is Vitiligo   and ordered some blood test that I’ll be getting done next month during my 6 month check up. The dermatologist also mentioned that I could have an autoimmune issue.  I have had a lot of stress and also have done some wax in the affected area. Is there any information you may be able to give me about Vitiligo?   Any recommendation about what I should do, etc? I’m 58 years old and generally have always been healthy.
    • Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease
    • We want to calm and balance the autoimmune system
    • Digestive or gut balance microbiome issues
    • Avoid food allergens
    • Take antioxidants such as ALA
    • B vitamins such as B12 and Folate  
    • Low vitamin D has been associated with vitiligo (recent study – March of this year)
    • Get vitamin D levels tested
  • Question:
  • I just wanted to ask if you are considering making skincare products for the body to compliment the products you have made for the face?  Thanking you, and letting you know I have received my Daily Essentials Skincare range on May 12th, so I am looking forward to using them and experiencing positive results.
    • We are looking into this option
    • It will be awhile before we have body products
    • But it is interesting to know what products you want and need the most
    • Feel free to leave feedback like this on our comments
    • In the meantime, use the face cleanser on your body
    • It won’t foam like a body wash, because it has mild acidity
    • For moisturizers – use coconut, almond and jojoba oil
  • Question:
  • I’m 64 and still get pimples.  I’m permanently on on a low carb high fat diet.  Any suggestions?
    • Reducing high carb foods such as refined grains helps balance blood sugar.
    • Not all carbs are bad – veggies and some fruit – antioxidants (protect against oxidative damage – acne) and fiber
    • High fat – what types? Balance is key.
    • Also dairy fat can make it worse. Eggs I’ve seen contribute to acne – but not for everyone
    • Diet is important but it’s not all – do you have gut issues, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances?
    • And what are you putting on your skin – don’t want to clog pores
  • Question:
  • Tell me more about powerful chemicals in wrinkle creams.
    • Top ingredients to avoid are fragrance and parabens,
    • Formaldehyde releasers – Quaternium-15, diazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, Bronopol, or imidazolidinyl urea.
    • Check out my blog on The Spa Dr. –  Are Your Skincare Products Causing a Hormone Imbalance – Are you covering your face with toxins.
    • There are more. I will cover these more in depth in my book.
  • Question
  • I deal with Vitiligo which is an autoimmune condition.  But my main concern is that recently the skin on my arms and legs have started looking “crepey.”  I would love to know if there are things I can do (or stop doing) that would improve this condition.
    • This is caused by collagen loss
    • To support collagen, try collagen protein use clean sources
    • Vitamin C helps support collagen, take vitamin C and collagen together
    • Bone Broth a good source of food collagen
  • Question:
  • Hi!  I am 64 years old and taking BHRT.  I feel great, but sometimes breakout from oily skin and little bumps. This is probably from the testosterone.  Any suggestions on how to handle this?
    • You may need to lower your testosterone dosage. BHT can help you feel great but it’s about balance.
    • Have your DHT levels tested. Are you having hair loss too?
    • Are you taking DHEA as well – that can trigger oily skin; If so, talk with you doctor about switching to 7 Keto DHEA
  • Question:
  • My question is will you be introducing a body cleanser/moisturizer & shampoo/conditioner to your skin care line? I’d love to be “ph-balanced” from head to toe!
    • We are considering these along with other products. And, you’re right – pH balance is important – not just on the face. It helps to keep skin clear and aging gracefully
  • Question:
  • I am looking for green, clean effective skincare for eyes, neck, body and face.  I have esthetician training and always used effective but expensive products.  As a health Coach and 63 years young I am interested in effective, green and clean skincare.
    • You have come to the right place. The Spa Dr. Daily Essentials Four Step System is a great product that fits your needs
  • Question:
  • You have  interviewed a number of experts and they all have some similarities in what they recommend eating but also have a few minor differences. I was wondering if you recommend peanuts or eggs? If you think that they are not foods you recommend, can you say why.
  • Also since Dairy is frequently one that most of the guests have recommended we stay away from, what do you recommend for sources of calcium especially for kids.
  • Lastly, what do you pack in your kids lunches?  Sandwiches with bread seem to be the mainstay. Is there a particular bread that you think is ok?
    • For some people peanuts and eggs are OK, but for many people these can be trigger foods, especially when it comes to skin issues.
    • In my two week program these are some of the foods I take people off of
    • Try eliminating them for 10 days and see how your body feels, when you reintroduce them, do it one at a time
    • Our bodies don’t absorb the calcium in dairy very well
    • Incorporate green leafy vegetables and salmon or bone broth
    • For kids lunches try wraps or lettuce wraps, gluten free breads, or what can you do instead, like use almond flour tortillas
    • Experiment with options
  • Question:
  • Would using coconut oil on one’s face be clogging? Even for dry skin?
  • Is argan oil safe for skin?
  • What’s the lightest oil for the face?
  • Wouldn’t eating a mostly raw diet be counterproductive in the long run unless you live in a warm climate?
    • Coconut oil can be great on the face, but for some it can be a trigger for acne, be careful if you tend to get acne
    • Argan oil is fantastic for the skin
    • Jojoba oil is the lightest oil for the face
    • Raw vegan diet can be great short term, but not beneficial long term
  • Question:
  • I am wondering how to eliminate both dark ‘circles’ and puffy ‘bags’ under the eyes. My understanding is that what you eat and how much nutrition is absorbed by your body, as well as having a balanced gut microbiome speaks volumes in the nourishment of your skin. I have read that ‘too little water consumption’ creates the dark circles and inflammation causes the puffiness and bags of the lower lids, but I don’t know this to be true. What have you found to be the causes of these issues and what do you recommend to eliminate them?
    • Dehydration, sleep and allergies
    • Gut health, microbiome,  nutrition and what you are absorbing all matter

That’s all the time I have for answering questions today. Be sure and listen to the first half of this question and answer section in the last episode. If you have any more questions for me, be sure and leave them in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to join the Spa Dr. community, so that you never miss an episode!

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Blog Post: Are Your Skincare Products Causing a Hormone Imbalance?

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