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Busting myths and balancing hormones by Dr. Trevor Cates.

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Hormones impact all women - our mood, sleep, sex drive, energy, weight, cycles, skin, and much more! All of the stress, junk food, toxins, and medications we’re exposed to throws our hormones out of balance, leading to common problems like mood swings, irregular periods, infertility, insomnia, hot flashes and hormonal acne.

In this 9-part film series, Dr. Trevor Cates interviews 50 leading health experts to bust myths about women’s health and share proven solutions to finally harmonize hormones and feel at home in your body.

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"Natural skin care isn’t just about avoiding toxic ingredients. It’s also about getting real results. I personally wouldn’t settle for anything less, and I don’t expect you would either."

I became a Naturopathic Physician, founded The Spa Dr.®, and wrote a bestselling skin care book because I believe skin care should be easy, affordable, natural and give you visible results, regardless of your skin type or age.

Having helped patients from around the world improve their skin and hormones I've discovered anyone can enjoy graceful aging, a clear complexion, and natural beauty when they get the right inner and outer nourishment.

I've interviewed over 250 experts on The Spa Dr.® podcast and hosted a PBS special to empower women with knowledge and confidence to let their inner radiance shine even brighter. Because, that’s where your real beauty is!

If that resonates with you - you're going to love my best selling books, Natural Beauty Reset and Clean Skin From Within.

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The Spa Dr.® Approach

At The Spa Dr.®, our approach is to help shine the light on skin and health care information and offer our guidance to support you on your journey.

We’re offering a free 9-Part Documentary Series Hormones, Healthy & Harmony to help you balance your hormones and restore radiance. Register HERE.

My new book, Natural Beauty Reset, provides an depth look at how you can nourish your body and support your health and hormones through the seasons. You can order my book now on Amazon.

The Spa Dr.® offers natural skin care products that are safe and free from chemicals and toxins that can harm your skin and health. Our products are formulated to contain key nutrients in their pure and active form in order to provide optimal results. In addition, our products are pH balanced towards mild acidity to promote and protect a healthy skin microbiome.

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