Today I am talking with Rose Cole who is a much-loved visionary leader and world-renowned speaker. She has co-authored alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil, and she has been a guest on TV networks such as MSNBC and E! She is a mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives.

She left behind a successful modeling career to be in service to and inspire others through a powerful way of living she calls “Rituality”. Rose is going to share with us how to go from feeling stuck and depleted to being fulfilled. On today’s show Rose shares her idea of “PowerSourcing – and The 5 Energy Zones for Vibrant Health & Spiritual Ascension”.

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Topics discussed today include:

  • Rose had just had a child, she lived in a home that had mold, she had some health issues and she felt depleted, like a hamster on a wheel
  • She was so tired and so low on resources
  • Then she discovered the 5 untapped energy zones
    • Spiritual
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Mental
    • Relational
  • We came here for a spiritual mission, once we find our sacred purpose we can shine our light out to the world
  • The 5 energy zones are like gas tanks and when we are low on one or more we feel depleted and feel depression and hopelessness
  • By resourcing and filling up our energy zones our self esteem is so high we won’t be bothered by outside depleting factors
  • Being resourced spiritually, it is possible to use it to pull to other zones
  • Sleep has a huge impact on our physical energy zone
  • Resourcing activities
    • Massage
    • Grounding
    • Cranial Sacral Therapy
    • Mediation
    • Walking in nature
    • Running list of what is awesome about us
    • Supplements to increase Serotonin
    • Fill up that tank by acknowledging yourself
    • Date night fills up the relational tank
  • Seeing life through the lense of the energy zones helps us embody our true nature and purpose

Key Takeaways:

Taking care of ourselves and keeping our tanks replenished in all five areas of our energy zones, can help us when life gets tough and we encounter depleting situations.

Mentioned on today’s show:

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