Today I am talking with Rose Cole, who is a much-loved visionary leader and world-renowned speaker. She has co-authored alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil, and she has been a guest on TV networks such as MSNBC and E! She is a mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives.

She left behind a successful modeling career to be in service to and inspire others through a powerful way of living she calls “Rituality.” Rose Cole is going to share with us how to go from feeling stuck and depleted to being fulfilled. On today’s show Rose shares her idea of “PowerSourcing – and The 5 Energy Zones for Vibrant Health & Spiritual Ascension”.


Topics discussed today include:

  • Rose Cole had just had a child, she lived in a home that had mold, she had some health issues and she felt depleted, like a hamster on a wheel
  • She was so tired and so low on resources
  • Then she discovered the 5 untapped energy zones
    • Spiritual
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Mental
    • Relational
  • We came here for a spiritual mission, once we find our sacred purpose we can shine our light out to the world
  • The 5 energy zones are like gas tanks and when we are low on one or more we feel depleted and feel depression and hopelessness
  • By resourcing and filling up our energy zones our self esteem is so high we won’t be bothered by outside depleting factors
  • Being resourced spiritually, it is possible to use it to pull to other zones
  • Sleep has a huge impact on our physical energy zone
  • Resourcing activities
    • Massage
    • Grounding
    • Cranial Sacral Therapy
    • Mediation
    • Walking in nature
    • Running list of what is awesome about us
    • Supplements to increase Serotonin
    • Fill up that tank by acknowledging yourself
    • Date night fills up the relational tank
  • Seeing life through the lense of the energy zones helps us embody our true nature and purpose

Key Takeaways:

Taking care of ourselves and keeping our tanks replenished in all five areas of our energy zones, can help us when life gets tough and we encounter depleting situations.

Mentioned on today’s show with Rose Cole:

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Dr. Cates: Hi there, I’m Dr. Trevor Cates, welcome to this product or podcast. I know many of us are overscheduled and overwhelmed and we get so caught up in day to day life that sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of our purpose. We get drained and feel worn down.

Today’s guest is going to share with you how to get unstuck and go from feeling depleted to being fulfilled. Rose Cole is my guest today and she’s a much loved visionary leader and world renowned speaker, co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Wilde. A popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC. She’s a preeminent mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awaken lives.

After her spiritual awakening in her 20s, Rose left behind a successful modeling career to be in service to others through hosting a series of inspirational programs and retreats, writing books, and sharing a powerful way of living she calls Rituality.

On today’s podcast, Rose shares what she calls Power Sourcing and the five energy zones for vibrant health and spiritual ascension. Please enjoy this interview.

Hi Rose, it’s great to have you on my podcast, great to interview you. I know I’ve been trying to interview you for a while, I’m glad we finally get a chance to connect.

Cole: Yes, thank you for having me.

Dr. Cates: I know that people listening, watching, a lot of us are over scheduled with work, social life, family obligations, and we often get to the point where we feel depleted or over scheduled and really lose a sense of why are we here, why are we doing all this. That’s what I wanted to talk with you today about because I know you speak on this a lot, this is your area of expertise. Tell us how we can do better at this.

Cole: Great question. This is something that affects all of us in this culture that we live in here in the Western world. The staff from my own journey of discovery that came from a complete melt down, basically. I just had a child and I didn’t know it at the time but I had some major things going on with my health, I was living in a hole that had moulds so I developed insomnia that was pretty severe, I had fibromyalgia, and I had chronic fatigue. I just felt completely depleted.

Those of us, especially that have children, you know when you can get just a little hamster on a wheel? Just one day kind of wheezing into the next. You feel like life has left, all meaning has left. Why are we here? What are we doing this for? We can get caught up in the monotony and just feel so exhausted and tired.

For me, it came from having pretty much hitting rock bottom. I had postpartum depression with my daughter, she was [00:01:54] for eight and a half months and I just remember being so tired and so low on resources that I could barely function. I just remember being in my daughter’s room one day and cry and breaking down and feeling just thinking to myself there’s actually more to life than this. Why am I here? What am I doing? Why am I feeling through this? And how do I just get myself back into balance for myself and for my daughter.

That’s when I discovered these five untapped energy sources I call them. One of the things I love talking about is how to really resource yourself so that you can show up and be the light that you are meant to be in the world. One of my favorite energy sources which I’m sure you’ll lead me into in a second is spiritual, really being able to tap into a source that everyday you’re connected to the magic of ministry of life. That I believe will lead you to what I call your sacred purpose, the true reason that you came to this lifetime.

Dr. Cates: Absolutely, let’s just delve into that. Let’s talk about our secret purpose, I think we all want to know that.

Cole: Perfect, yeah. I feel that each of us, there is a reason why we came. I believe that we chose to come into human form and that before this lifetime we decided to come and that we had an objective. It was something that we wanted to experience here as a human, we wanted to experience humanity but we also knew there was something that we wanted to experience, transcend, transmute through the experience of humanity.

Very often, we get here and for some of us that have a troubled childhood like myself or that have trauma or heartbreak along the way which is most of us, we can start to look around and go wow, this is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. We can get distracted by the dramas of life and what to eat, and who we’re dating, and all of these dramas and forget that we came here on a spiritual mission.

I believe when we find that, we find the true reason why we chose to incarnate this lifetime, that that is the thing that can be what I call center pull. It’s your reason for living, it gives your life meaning, and it helps you to develop into the fullest expression of yourself without all the layers of conditioning and things that we bought into, there’s a you underneath that all of us have that’s our purest essence without all of the stuff that we’ve taken on. That’s why we need to really shine our light into the world.

In order to get there, and for me discovering my own sacred purpose has been a journey. It’s taken a lot of twists and turns. I want to say this too, you can tell when somebody is fully, fully, fully in vibrational alignment with their true sacred purpose because there’s something that happens, there’s a magic that happens where it’s almost like the universe goes ah, I can use them as an instrument. They are fully in alignment with the message that they came here to deliver to the world, the fullest expression of who they are. It’s almost like a portal of energy that opens up where now you are being used as an instrument.

You can see people with history, the kind of people that you and I really respect and admire are people that are falling in alignment with their sacred purpose. But when you look at people like Ghandi, this is before the internet and he will be known throughout time for ages and ages and ages because he was fully in alignment with his sacred purpose, with his essence. He was willing to sacrifice everything to live in his truth and be fully self expressed.

People like Nelson Mandela, or when you think of people like—well, I think of Oprah. We all have—when somebody’s fully self expressed, at the end there’s like little vibrational things to somebody who can come into a fuller alignment, but I think Oprah is very much in alignment with her sacred purpose.

Joan of Arc. Think about this, thousands of years ago and somebody before the internet is known across time. If you think of somebody like Mother Teresa, these are people that were fully in vibrational alignment, fully self expressed. How do we become more fully expressed, how do we become spiritual lawyers that we came here to be? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are out at the front lines and that you’re this advocate or that you’re publicly speaking about your essence. It could be that you just started living as your fullest, most expressed self every single day.

I know for myself and I don’t know as much about your story, Trevor, but maybe you can relate to this. There is a time where I never would’ve been on an interview like this. I didn’t have the confidence to speak my voice and my truth and really stand in power as a woman. I think a lot of us go through our trials and regulations without finding ourselves, finding our truth, being able to speak our truth. There’s always another level to go to to be fully self expressed. That’s what I call your sacred purpose, when you are standing in and living, making the impact that you came here to make every single day and living your truth.

Dr. Cates: Yeah, absolutely. And I think that wherever we are, whatever we’re doing in life, there’s like you said always something a little bit more alignment we can do and more just step into that, whatever our jobs are, whether you’re talking about people like Oprah, which is on TV all the time, or some sort of celebrity figure, or religious figure, or you’ve chosen to be a mom and working home and that’s great too. But being aligned with that and being able to be the best mom you can be or the best partner you can be and get rid of all the other stuff that we don’t need. Let’s just let that go.

Cole: Absolutely. Your sacred purpose may be to radiate love, self love, to every person that you meet. That may be your sacred purpose and you absolutely can do that being an amazing stay at home mom. A lot of us, like Trevor and I, just have combined our sacred purpose with our work in the world, they don’t always have to be but for many of us nowadays they are.

One of the things that has been so powerful and aligned with me was my sacred purpose has been this idea of power sourcing. I’d like to share with everyone that the five different untapped zones, there is the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual, and then the relational.

I like to think of these almost like a little gas tank, like an internal gas tank, or you can kind of think of it like a bank account. Most of us are going around with one of these tanks empty, below empty, or if there was a bank account it’s overdrawn, it’s in the red.

Some of us are walking around with all of the tanks at near empty. What happens is when these tanks start emptying, when we are low on resources, when we’re deprived of all of these different categories, that’s when we can go to a downward spiral of depression and hopelessness, where things can seem very chaotic, we’re driven by chaos in our life.

Usually for most of us, these are one or two categories that we just can’t seem to quite get resourced or get our tank filled up. This is what it looks like. Let’s say your emotional tank is low; you’re really feeling bad about yourself, you have low self esteem, you’re just not feeling confident, and then somebody comes along and criticizes you. It’s like writing a check from an account that’s already withdrawn, and checks are bouncing.

By filling up each of these energy zones, by resourcing yourself in these zones, then your self esteem, your self love is so high that if somebody says something to you it may take a little dip or it may not but it’s definitely not going to take you down into the withdrawn state where you’re overdrawn, where you’re in the red.

Because I have to in my life, I had to get really wise about how to resource myself in each of the [00:11:03].

What I mean by resourcing, I’m going to take a step back and kind of define that, if that’s a new term for you. What I mean by resourcing is that there are activities and things we experience that give to us, that give us energy, they fill us up and inspire us, they leave us feeling better afterwards. And then there are things that deplete us, activities, people, experiences that require us to give to them.

Just this one paradigm shift for me, really understanding what depletes me and what resources me has been a total game changer. What I have found is when you learn to resource yourself in all of these categories and throw yourself up, something really amazing happens because as I’m sure Trevor talks about all the time, the [00:11:50], these are all influences to each other.

If your relationship with your children and your [00:11:55], that’s greatly impacted by your emotional state. If you are depressed or you’re bummed out or you have ups and downs, or you’re feeling low on yourself, that’s definitely going to impact your relationship. Physically, if your physical body is out of whack, like you have a chemical imbalance, you’re low in nutrients, you’re sleep deprived, and that of course is going to impact the mental and emotional. These are impact each other.

There are times in our life where the dominoes kind of hit, when you have the perfect storm of all of our stressors like there’s a death in the family, and then you get into a car accident, and then somebody that works for you leaves suddenly. Life happens, we can’t always predict what’s going to happen or prevent these things from happening.

If we have the philosophy of filling up these cellars, keeping them nice and high in resource, when life hits us we don’t go down as fast or as hard, we have resources to pull on, to pull from.

One of my favorite areas to talk and that I can also share if you want Trevor, different things that are stressors and resourcing activities for each of the zones. One of my favorites is the spiritual. What I learned is when you are resourced spiritually, that you can pull on that when you’re well in the other zones, that you actually can source yourself, that’s why they call it source because there’s this infinite source in energy that you just happen to draw and connect from, the times when you are physically, mentally, emotionally resourced for.

Dr. Cates: Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s so important to realize that it’s just part of life, that we all get depleted in those areas, it’s not like that’s a bad thing or somebody’s bad because they’re depleted. It’s just part of life. We can’t always appoint relationships that work or family members that we feel like really draw from us and zap us. I love what you’re talking about as filling that hopefully before you get to the point where you’re depleted.

Yes, tell us what we can do to fill those tanks or those bank accounts so that we don’t feel depleted and certainly spirituality seems to be a great place to start with that.

Rose Cole: Yeah, and I love what you said, Trevor. Yeah, it’s very humbling even just a few weeks ago I found myself in a low resource state. It’s very humbling when that happens because I look at myself to be an expert resourcer, I’m professional about this, I take my work in the world very seriously but there was a night where my daughter got a cold, she wasn’t sleeping, we got a new kitten, I woke up to kitten poop on my bed which was not so much fun, and the night before I was out with my husband at a work event, we were up late, it was a social thing, I had a couple drinks but alcohol for me is very depleting.

It was the perfect swarm of my stuff, it was like wow, I’m in a low resource state, I have a [00:15:02] again, I need you to take her, I got to go meditate, I got to go get myself resourced. Where when we think of self care, especially those of us that are moms, it seems so indulgent to go and take care of ourselves.

I just wanted to say this first before I go on to the big things we can do to resource ourselves, is that human beings are not very good at estimating what resources us and what doesn’t. Also, what the long term effects and ramifications are from the things we do. Humans are not very good at estimating that. It’s like oh, if I stay up late and I’m really low resourced, that happens for a few days in a row, and then I’m not filling up the account with my husband, and that’s low, and then all of a sudden snapping at him and then we get to a fight.

This can lead to costing a marriage. This could lead to costing your relationship with your children, and they grow up and they say mom, my idea of you as a mother was this chaotic crazy woman who was just far from order. And you go, I messed my children’s childhood, or it could mean that you’re not showing up in the world and really fulfilling your spiritual mission and you get to the end of your life and go wow, I didn’t accomplish everything that I wanted to, I didn’t experience everything that I wanted to experience, I wanted to make an impact. And then you feel like life slipped away from you.

It’s the little choices, the little things that you do on a daily basis. You either take it towards being resourced or away from it. I feel like it’s a couple steps forward, one step back. It’s a dance. It’s not that I don’t do things that are my stressors, it’s that I understand the ramifications of having the single paradigm shift has allowed me to see. Okay, well, when I drink it’s a stressor for me but doing it every once in awhile can be fun and that can actually be kind of resourcing to have that fun. I just have to time that when I know that it’s not going to impact all of the other things in my life.

Some of the things that are stressors in resourcing. Physical, I’ll share what my stressors are and the things that resource me and what I highly recommend that everyone do is to journal what your top 5 stressors are and top 5 resources are for each of the categories.

For me, physical, my top stressor is not getting enough sleep for sure. I find that’s really common for a lot of people. What I do to resource myself is I do all kinds of things to ensure that I get the best quality sleep possible. I sleep with an eye mask, blocking out all lights in your room is really important so it doesn’t mess up your [00:17:53] and your serotonin, so making sure you don’t have any little night lights on or wall plugs or anything that has light in your room. This is important for children too.

I also take flower essence at night, [00:18:07], specifically before sleep. I take an all natural sleep formula that has herbs in it and things that help me sleep better at night. I sleep with earplugs which is really useful for me, I have a special ergonomically pillow.I get serious about my sleep because it’s the number one resourcing activity. Not getting enough sleep is the number one stressor for me. Like I said, that’s kind of a pass of work for a lot of people.

I’m always surprised how few people actually take sleep seriously knowing how much it impacts their life. If you think about it, how many times have you been really tired but then you’re on the computer and on social media and before you know it you’re like it’s so late, just a little bit more. We think this is going to be a resourcing activity.

In our eyes we think I’m treating myself because you’ve been with the kids all day and you’ve been working, you haven’t had time for yourself so it’s like kind of treating myself and being on my computer. We think it’s giving to us but it’s not actually resourcing us. And then you stay up late and then you go oh my god, it’s 11:00, I can’t believe I stayed up this late. You go to sleep and you wake up in the morning with your kids and you just feel like a zombie, feel so tired.

That morning, you say I’m definitely going to go to sleep early tonight. And then that night the same thing happens, this is my me time, computer, buying stuff on Amazon, shopping, whatever. Before you know it, it’s so late again. How many times have we all done this? It’s like why can’t I just get myself to bed early?

Well, a lot of us, I did this for years before I figured it out. Years before I figured out how. I’m thinking that being on my computer and doing social media is resourcing me and it’s not. I’ve learned that electronics for me—because I’m very sensitive to frequency and energy that computers and all kinds of technology are actually a stressor for me, they’re not resourcing. A lot of people do better turning down all electronics, even the TV about an hour before bed so you can coast into your [00:20:18] getting ready for bed.

Dr. Cates: I was just hearing someone tell me recently they shut down all the power in their house before they go to sleep at night. I was like well, in Park City we can’t really do that because it would get pretty cold. But hey, if you can do that, I think that’s pretty cool. Just turn it off. Turn off the internet, turn off, unplug at night.

Cole: For me on the physical is drinking alcohol which everybody is different with this, just depends on as you could probably talk more about Trevor. It has to do with your enzymes that you’re producing. Some people can have more alcohol than others, but it’s funny that I knew that my body did [00:21:05] alcohol well but I did connect it to how much of a stressor it was.

For me, not only does it affect me physically but it also affects me emotionally because for a lot of people it’s a depressant. I can go out and have maybe two drinks at an event a week. But if I drink two nights in a row I learned that it will put me into a little bit of a bummer mood for a few days afterwards. It’s kind of like seeing the world to break our glasses, and that’s relationally, that affects everything in my life, it affects how I show up in the world.

A lot of us when we go home, I did this for so many years, I’m going to have a glass of wine because it feels like it’s resourcing but it’s not actually resourcing.

I’ll talk about some of the things that are resourcing for me physically. For me, getting massaged helps me physically, mentally, it’s helping to get you into a brainwave state where you’re more relaxed, you’re rejuvenating your mind, and it helps you emotionally. I get cranial sequel which is amazing work that helps align your body. If you haven’t checked into it or heard about it, you may want to look at that, it’s amazing resourcing for your body in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

You know, just taking off your shoes. You can’t do this this time of year, Trevor, but standing out on the dirt, standing out on the grass helps to ground you. There’s something energetically that happens when you just stand on the earth. Going out and walking in nature, meditation is an amazing resource for me even if I only have a few minutes to mediate. Highly, highly valuable, and again helping me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Dr. Cates: Yeah, absolutely. I really find for me nature is one of those things that really fills me, that fills my bank account, my tank, whatever you want to call it. The winter time, depending on where we live especially some place like Park City where it’s very snowy, we get pretty big winters here. In other places in the country, we have winter, people shut themselves out and shut themselves away from nature.

Really, it’s finding a way to get in nature. You got to gear up, you got to wear the right gear, wear the hats and the gloves and all that, just go out and begin it. I find that that’s one of the things that fills me and I know that that’s true for a lot of people. Just wanted to mention that.

Cole: Absolutely. I think for myself and a lot of people, it resources us spiritually. That, and mentally, emotionally, physically. Getting out in nature is one of my favorite resourcing activities, for sure.

I wanted to touch on two of the categories that you may be going well, how do I resource myself in relationship, and what can you use to resource yourself spiritually? Let’s do emotional because that one’s kind of fun.

Again, emotionally when a lot of us are walking around with internal dialogue which is not so nice to ourselves. That account can be really low. And then, something happens and you take it the wrong way and we can get defensive or we can get hurt or just have really low self esteem. How do we resource ourselves emotionally?

Well, there are things physically that can impact us emotionally like taking supplements that help with your serotonin levels and you can actually have your brain scan which is really cool, to find out if you do have depression, or anxiety [00:24:46] balance brain chemistry.

As far as just resourcing our self esteem, one of my favorite little exercises to do is just to constantly keep a running list and all of the things that are awesome about me. We’re trained in our society to not really speak about what we’re good at and we’re afraid we can be very humble, but instead how do we bring to our tension all of the things from the little tiny things to the big things that we’re good at.

Anytime I’m feeling bad about myself, or I feel like that tank is getting low, I’ll just start making a list. You know what, I am a really awesome mom. I’m really patient with her, I do this, I do that, I brought her to school on time. It’s the small things like she’s fed, she’s healthy, she had a nice organic lunch today, I got her to school on time, I’m awesome.

That’s the smallest little things too that I feel an amazing business where I’m making an impact in the world every single day and I’m aligning with my single purpose. I’m an amazing lover, I’m a good kisser, you just start making a list of all of the things, keep it in your journal and add to it whenever you can or just rewrite the list.

Or if you’re standing in line at the grocery store and you just had a really bad day and you’re feeling bad about yourself, you just start listing all these things off. Start pulling from the times that people said things to you. You know what, you’re an amazing listener, Rose, thank you so much. People said that to you, pull on that. Remember times that people had wrote you things that were really touching and amazing, thanked you for things. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can fill up that tank with just acknowledging yourself with the few things, getting yourself up above the red, into the black.

As far as relationally, my husband and I have date nights every Monday. Tonight is our date night. We keep it [00:26:45]. We don’t let anything come in the way of our date night because that’s our time to put that money into our bank account, to really fill up that tank. I find that that’s just one of the most beautiful things you can do.

Look at the small things, every time you recognize your partner, every time you do something sweet and nice for them, you’re putting that deposit so that the next time you do something that’s really not somewhat nice or not so considerate, it’s not if they’re operating down in the red and they’re withdrawn and you’ve been neglecting them and then you do something like you’re like yeah, I told you I’d take out the trash but I’m not going to do it. That little thing becomes big because you’re withdrawing.

It’s the same thing with children. I love the paradigm, how do we resource our children. Sometimes, children just needs some mommy time. Especially for the ages 7, the mother is someone who resources the children. When they’re not with you as much as they need to be or want to be, that can wear on them energetically and emotionally. Sometimes, just spending quality time.

My daughter, I can tell when she’s low on resource. She doesn’t know how to say it, so she just acts out. People often see the behavior when the child is acting out instead of looking at the root cause. They need to be resourced. Does the child need to be resourced for nutrients, are they eating sugar and carbs and thing that aren’t good to them that’s affecting them physically? Is there a lot of change in the household that you can help them process, are they going through emotional stuff, do they need quality time?

Sometimes just looking your child in the eyes and spending time, 20 minutes just talking about and asking them questions and just looking at them in the eyes. You’d be surprised how resourcing that can be for a child. All of a sudden, the disruptive behavior with them acting out or acting crazy or throwing a tantrum, all of it just starts to subside just from filling up their little tanks.

Dr. Cates: Absolutely. Kids, yeah, they need their tanks filled too, certainly.

Cole: The way that I now look at life is I start to look at and really think clear about what resources fill me or what doesn’t. This could even be pupil. Starting with my awareness, like when I’m around this person, afterwards how do I feel? When I do this activity even though I think it’s resourcing when I hang out with my friends and drink wine, afterwards am I resourced? Do I feel better the next day?

My husband and I actually, the other day we were thinking about exercises, kind of an interesting one. While you’re doing exercise, it’s a stressor. But almost immediately after for almost everyone, it becomes resourcing. You get way more out of it resource wise than what you put into it. It’s not just physical, it fires up the frontal cortex of the brain and there are actually studies that have proven that exercise is more effective and alleviate depression than Prozac. It’s affecting you on a mental, emotional, and a physical level.

I’ve started to really exercise a lot more this year because I thought in my mind it was a stressor. I wasn’t connecting the dots to really I get three fold what I put into it. Even though there’s a little dip in my account that doesn’t want to wake up early and put on my gym clothes, I’m like I don’t want to do it, but focusing on how much I’m getting afterwards, how much I’m getting resourced.

This is the paradigm in the lands that I see the world [00:30:24] when I’m going to my daily life and it’s been a game changer because I feel like when I’m filled up, with all of those that filled up, we can show up in our higher self being the spiritual warriors that we came here to be.

Everything we do from a physical, mental, and emotional, spiritual standpoint is aligning us so that we can more fully step into and embody who we came here to embody. That is our sacred pupil.

Dr. Cates: I love it, it’s beautiful. I think that a lot of times, people—I think it’s human nature to not think about doing things for ourselves that support our health because we think it’s selfish or we think oh, I don’t have time for that, that’s selfish, I have no time for a massage, I don’t have time to take that time for myself.

If you think about it when you’re on an airplane and they say make sure you put your mask on before you put your child’s mask on. If you’re so depleted you can’t take care of yourself, then you can’t take of other people too. But if you’re fulfilled yourself, you’re going to show up in the world as a better mom, as a better wife, partner, a better, coworker, boss, whatever it is that you’re doing. You’re going to show up better if you’re filled and you’re going to be able to help people even more.

I know this as a doctor, and as a mom, I notice this from myself. If I’m not taking good care of myself, if I’m not exercising, getting out in nature, if I’m not eating the foods that I know nourish me, if I’m not taking some time for myself, then I can’t be as good of a doctor or mom or partner.

I really appreciate everything that you’ve shared today and I hope everybody will take time to do these things. I love that you talk about journaling, I think journaling is a powerful tool. Just write positive things down, positive things that can help fill you and to be able to go back. I love what you shared today, thank you so much.

Cole: Thank you, thank you for having me, Trevor.

Dr. Cates: Rose, tell people how they can learn more about you and how they can find you if they want to explore this even further.

Cole: Sure. My website is On there, you’ll see I have different programs and books and things that I put out on all different topics from the mind, body, spirit connection. And my specialty, the one that I particularly have a lot of passion for, is the spiritual resourcing, it’s something that I really love and create all kinds of programs and things to facilitate spiritual awakening and spiritual ascension and finding what I call your sacred purpose.

Dr. Cates: Thank you so much, Rose, really appreciate everything that you shared with us today, thank you.

Cole: Thank you, bye everyone.

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