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The Spa Dr Podcast with Dr Trevor Cates

True health care starts with excellent self-care. We often are looking for a quick fix and turn to medical interventions a bit too quickly. But, prioritizing self-care is key for our health and longevity.

Self-care is often the last thing we prioritize, but it is one of the most important aspects of our well-being. If you’re someone who has viewed self-care as something selfish or that you don’t have time for, it’s time to look at it differently.

We often put other people’s needs first – children, spouses, parents, clients, pets, and others. But, if you’re not taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to fully show up for others. Remember that you also deserve nurturing!

I have 4 self-care prescriptions – mindset, food, movement and skin care to share with you in today’s podcast. I recorded a 4 part video series, and, in this podcast, I’m sharing with you top takeaways via clips from these videos.

In this series, I bust myths and separate fact from fiction around self-sabotaging behavior, thought patterns and lifestyle practices. And, I cover specific practices in each of these categories for you to start implementing today to kickstart a change and enhance your health and skin.

First, we covered Self-Care Rx 1 on Positive Mindset and Stress Management.
Next, we have Self-Care Rx 2 on Nourishing Foods
Up next is Self-Care Rx 3 on Movement
Last but definitely not least is Self-Care Rx 4 on Skin Care


I hope you enjoyed the clips of these 4 videos from the Self-Care Rx Series, and you’ll start using these self-care practices today to help you look and feel your best today and for years to come. And, I hope this gives your confidence a little boost because, after all, that’s where really beauty comes from.

If you want to catch the full versions of each video, go to The Spa Dr. YouTube channel or you can also find them in my blog at

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