Learn about hormonal changes that occur in women’s health as us women age into our 30’s, 40’s and beyond, including how to have a smooth transition through menopause. Dr. Seibel talks about this and more on today’s show.

Selected by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America, Dr. Mache (MAYsh) Seibel is one of America’s leading experts on women’s health and menopause. He is a recipient of the Media Award from the North American Menopause Society, editor of My Menopause Magazine in the Apple Newsstand and on Google Play, and founder of Menopause Breakthrough, a 5-week online course that empowers women to take control of their symptoms and their lives. Dr. Seibel was a member of the Harvard medical faculty for nearly 20 years. His latest book, The Estrogen Window about women’s health was released in April 2016.

On Today’s show, Dr. Seibel talks about women’s health, hormone therapies and gives us four tips to help with a smoother transition through menopause.

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