Most of us have some unhealthy habits we resort to when life gets stressful and we need relief. Some people take these vices to the extreme and become addicted. Whether it’s food, drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, shopping, or some other activity or substance, addictions cause a great deal of suffering.

Roy Nelson was morbidly obese and an addict, and for years feared he was hopeless. After overcoming all his addictions by healing the underlying causes, he has dedicated his life (the past 25 years) to helping others achieve the same freedom. 

On Today’s show, we talk about when vices become addictions – what causes people to cross that line. Roy also shares his journey and how he helps other people with addictions.

Please enjoy and the show…

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After 25 years of healing, Roy’s life-changing stories and wisdom have now been transcribed in his newly released book, The Nelson Method -­ 28 Days to Freedom

Another excellent resource by Roy Nelson is his book Love Notes From Hell.

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For more information visit Roy Nelson Healing or call 1-800-609-4061.

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