Upgrade Your Brain for Maximum Energy with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

On Today’s podcast we’re covering how to upgrade your brain for maximum energy.

My guest is Dr. Ryan Wohlfert who helps patients elevate their health and energy at his multiple chiropractic, nutrition, and wellness clinics. He’s the co-creator and host of the Superhuman Brain Masterclass, bringing together the world’s top neuroscientists, brain researchers, doctors, and biohackers to uncover proven solutions to upgrade the brain to high energy and performance. He also founded UpgradedParents.com to help people, especially parents, heal and upgrade their brain for maximum energy, performance, and longevity.

In this interview, we cover solutions for failing energy, brain fog, and poor focus so you can achieve better energy and performance now and as you continue to age.

So please enjoy this interview …

To learn more about Dr. Ryan, go to https://www.upgradedparents.com/

And here is a free gift from Dr. Ryan:

Fix Your Sleep: Checklist to Eliminate Brain Fog, Low Energy, and Poor Focus: https://www.upgradedparents.com/sleep-checklist


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Transcript of Upgrade Your Brain for Maximum Energy

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