Today we’re talking about mitochondria and your health. My guest today is Dr. Susanne Bennett. Dr. Susanne has over 27 years of clinical experience in the fields of allergies, clinical nutrition, methyl-genetics and anti-aging medicine. She is the author of the #1 International Best-Seller, Mighty Mito – Power Up Your Mitochondria for Boundless Energy, Laser Sharp Mental Focus and a Powerful Vibrant Body and The 7 Day Allergy Makeover.

Dr. Susanne is also the host of “Wellness For Life” on RadioMD and iHeart Radio. She is devoted to sharing health strategies and providing easy to implement tips to improve your life and start feeling better today. On today’s show Dr. Susanne shares how the secret to radiant energy is in your mitochondria. We discuss why mitochondria are so important for radiant health and skin, and she shares specific foods, lifestyle choices, and supplements that improve our mitochondrial health to prevent chronic disease and premature aging.

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Topics discussed today include:

  • Dr. Susanne discovered the power of mitochondria about 5 years ago
  • She accidently crunched her neck and received a traumatic brain injury
  • She also had a swelling in the brain that blocked the pituitary gland which caused hormonal issues
  • She felt like she was having a litany of health issues and aging prematurely
  • She discovered that addressing the mitochondria would help with all of these symptoms by fighting the root cause
  • Dr. Susanne’s book Mighty Mito focuses on the three P’s of mitochondrial health which are preventing mitochondrial damage, purging bad mitochondria, and how to protect and produce new mitochondria
  • Every tissue in our bodies has mitochondria, these are subcellular organelles that live within these tissues
  • ATP is a power in the mitochondria
  • Dr. Susanne is going to teach us how to have bigger, healthier, and happier mitochondria
  • Causes of mitochondrial impairment are free radical damage such as pollution, mold, toxins, smoking, pesticides, gmo foods, alcohol, over eating, over exercising, low oxygen and UV light.
  • Mitochondria need oxygen to create ATP
  • The best way to get rid of bad mitochondria is HIIT exercise or 1 minute on and 1 minute off for 10 minutes, every 2 to 3 days
  • 5 steps to increase mitochondria
    • Eliminate fried foods and trans-fats
    • Remove 7 types of foods that trigger inflammation
    • Eating natural colorful organic foods
    • Supplements are a big key
    • Oxygenating pudding
  • L- Carnitine, Liposomal Glutathione, CoQ10, Essential Amino Acids are some of the mitochondrial supplements Dr. Susanne recommends

Key Takeaways:

Mitochondria are key building blocks within our cells. Keeping them healthy and happy through lifestyle, dietary choices and proper supplementation can be a key to maintaining health.

Mentioned on today’s show:

Mighty Mito Report and Ultimate Wellness Food Checklist bundle: Why Protecting Your Mitochondria Will Increase Your Energy, Improve Your Health & Fight Disease + The Ultimate Wellness Dos and Don’ts Food Checklist

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