Spring And Summer Skin Care Tips

spring summer skin care tips

With the change of seasons – from the cold winter months to the warmer spring and summer months, there are many changes with our skin. It is important to change up your skin care routine to help as your skin adjustment to the changing weather of the seasons. One of the things that happen in the dry winter weather is that it can cause dry, dull, and flaky skin issues. So it’s not surprising that you’re interested in some tips to get your skin ready to show-off more as we head into the spring and summer months. Having a daily and weekly skin care routine is important all year long – so you can maintain healthy glowing skin free from breakouts and other skin issues. Use these skin care tips to create your own routine that will be revitalizing and help you reveal healthy radiant skin all spring long…and into summer.

Exfoliate: Exfoliation is an important part of your spring and summer skin care routine. Gently exfoliating once a week will help slough off those dead skin cells and allow the other parts of your skin care routine to be enhanced, like hydration. And when I talk about exfoliation, I mean you want to use a gentle exfoliation, like The Spa Dr. Pearl and Rose Exfoliant, or and not anything rough or abrasive that is going to scratch your skin, but rather more fruit enzymes, fruit acids that actually have a natural ability to just slough off those dead cells on the surface of the skin.

spring summer skin care tips

DIY Exfoliants: Make some wonderful exfoliants using ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen. In my book, Clean Skin from Within, I share numerous recipes for homemade skincare products using all-natural ingredients. Here are some ingredients I recommend to create your own exfoliant recipe:

  • Almonds: Rich in antioxidants; grind into fine powder to use as a natural exfoliant.
  • Avocado: Moisturizing and hydrating your skin; rich in vitamin A & E
  • Natural honey: Powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory; Potent vitamins B complex (B1, B3, B5, and B6)
  • Oats: Moisturizes, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory
  • Papaya: Contains papain enzyme – a natural exfoliant; Rich in vitamins A, C, and E
  • Pomegranate seeds: Antioxidant-rich exfoliant – just grind in a blender until smooth
  • Strawberries: Brightens skin naturally; Rich source of vitamin C
  • Yogurt: Balance skin’s pH; contains lactic acid – a natural exfoliant

Hydrate: No matter the season – it’s important to nourish and balance your skin’s hydration using the right oils. This will be different for everyone. Some of us live in a dry area year-round, so we may use more oils than another person that lives in a very humid area. The amount of oils you need to use will also depend on how often you go out into the sun. If you are often out and exposed to damaging UVB, UVA, and IRA rays- you’ll want to use extra antioxidant serums and oils like The Spa Dr. Enhance and Nourish each evening to stay hydrated and replenish your skin’s ability to protect itself from oxidative damage the sun causes. But your skin type will also play a factor in how much oils you’ll need, in order to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. If you don’t know what your skin personality type is yet, take The Spa Dr. skin quiz now and get personalized skin care recommendations.

spring summer skin care tips

Protect: It’s time to step up your sunscreen and SPF. More sunlight and skin exposure means more oxidative sun damage to your skin. Natural mineral sunscreen is a physical barrier that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that soak into your skin and disrupt your body’s endocrine system. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are both minerals used in many natural sunscreens and are anti-inflammatory. At The Spa Dr., we recommend using natural broad spectrum mineral sunscreens, such as this one that has an SPF rating of at least 30 to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

In the past few decades, there has been a rise in skin cancers related to the increase in outdoor recreational activities. Check the UV index before you head outside and take special precautions on the days if the index is predicted to be moderately high or above. UV rays are the strongest between 10 am – 4 pm, so limiting exposure and taking precautions will protect your skin from damage. Cover up with sun-protective clothing made to block or absorb UV rays, so your skin doesn’t. When at the Beach – you can wear a rashguard, a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays, and use a large beach umbrella.

Remember that even if you are in the shade, or think you are safe from dangerous UV rays, it may not be true. Here are a few situations where you’ll want to take extra precautions or avoid altogether to protect your skin from dangerous exposure to UV rays:

Overcast – clouds don’t protect your skins from sunburns
High altitudes – less atmosphere means your skin can burn quickly.
Tanning Beds – 20 minutes is as dangerous as being in the sun all day without protection.
Reflected light – reflective surfaces like water, sand, concrete, and snow can give you a sunburn, so be sure to wear sunscreen, even if you are in the shade.

Nourish: Start slathering on the antioxidants! Use extra skin care products like masks, toners, and serums rich in antioxidants. An antioxidant-rich serum, like Nourish, will strengthen and help protect your skins from IRA rays, as well as day-to-day environmental damage. The Spa Dr. Purifying Mud Mask will tone your skin, and purge your pores of impurities to help fight the visible effects of pollution using potent sources of antioxidants, like olive butter and milk thistle.

Moisturize: Regularly use a light moisturizer. Nothing too rich, like you use in the winter. Use a light emollient to soothe and support the barrier function of your skin. The Spa Dr. daily essentials Renew is packed with Camelina and Argan oils to hydrate your skin. While the green, black and white tea blend will naturally restore your skin, and help protect against oxidative damage and reduce fine line and wrinkles.

spring summer skin care tips

Go Natural: Use products that do not contain any toxic ingredients. Chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde releasers, or oxybenzone – you’ll want to keep out of your skincare routine. Instead, make sure to only use those natural ingredients that are so great for nourishing your skin. If you want more information about safe skin care ingredients, check out my book Clean Skin From Within. I go in-depth on what ingredients to look for in good skin care, and what to avoid in dangerous skin care.

Lighten the Makeup: Spring and summer are the perfect time to go (somewhat) naked on your makeup routine. Avoid the smeared and smudged weather-worn makeup look — and the clogged pores! The only thing you’ll want covering on your skin is a light mineral sunscreen. Start with a base of tinted mineral sunscreen, like this one.

Natural DIY Skin Care: The internet has many DIY skin care recipes you can try out. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for some tried and tested skin care recipes- my book Clean Skin From Within has multiple DIY skin care recipes you can use to reveal radiant spring and summer skin. There are many other recipes in my book to nourish your skin from the inside out with collagen-boosting bone broths, antioxidant-rich salads, delicious smoothies, and more. If you’d like – you can enjoy some of these recipes for FREE in my downloadable Bonus Recipe Guide.

I hope these tips will give you a great start to beautiful glowing skin you’ll want to reveal all spring and summer long. If you still have questions about caring for your skin – consider taking The Spa Dr. skin quiz. The quiz will only take a few minutes, and you’ll get your own customized skin profile once you’ve completed it. Also, you can join me on The Spa Dr. YouTube Channel and Facebook Page for more skin care content and videos. You can also join my Clean Skin From Within Facebook Group for more tips, recipes and support for naturally beautiful skin all year long.

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