Skin Stories from 3 Health Experts

Skin stories from 3 Health Experts

On today’s episode of The Spa Dr. Podcast, I’m interviewing 3 women health experts who have had their own personal struggles with skin and who were able to overcome these issues and, in turn, help others. They each share their personal story plus secrets and tips of wisdom they’ve gained from helping others.

My guests are Magdalena Wszelaki, Dr. Joy Martina, and Dr. Amy Killen.

You may recognize these women because of their great impact in the world of wellness or from interviews I’ve done with them before. I’m going to share each of their bios to remind you of who they are and their achievements…

Magdalena Wszelaki

Magdalena Wszelaki is the author of the best-selling cookbook Cooking for Hormone Balance, published by Harper Collins. She is the founder of Hormones Balance, a nutrition practice dedicated to helping women to rebalance hormones naturally. Magdalena is a certified nutrition coach, herbalist, speaker and educator with a long history of hormonal challenges.

Her health crisis was the direct result from a highly stressful life in advertising – starting from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune conditions causing thyroid failure) to adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance.

Today she is in full remission, lives a symptoms-free awesome life and teaches woman how to accomplish the same in her book, and online resources.

For more information, visit Hormones Balance
Estrogen Reset– Natural Solutions for Estrogen Dominance

Dr. Joy Martina

Dr. Joy Martina, is a Psychic Psychologist specializing in Rapid Change Coaching, Bestselling Author, Master Hypnotist and Trainer of Trainers and Coaches. Her unconventional approach towards coaching and her incredible success rates are based on her ability to combine a wide range of modalities and her skill of connecting to the unconscious parts of the brain. She is able to tap into her clients’ subconscious and higher mind to reveal the original cause of the issue that her client is struggling with. The secret to Rapid (and lasting!) Change depends on the ability to change the reactionary patterns, which influence the way the client experiences reality. Joy is able to do this not only with her VIP clients in 1-1 sessions but also with large groups in countries around the globe, where she takes them through powerful and fun processes with cycles of mental and emotional clearing that give incredible yet tangible results.

For more information, visit

Dr. Amy Killen

Dr. Amy Killen is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine with 10+ years of direct patient care, has been practicing Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine for more than five years. She is fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through A4M and has done extensive additional training in aesthetics, platelet rich plasma and stem cells, hair restoration, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, fitness and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Amy Killen has spoken nationally about PRP and stem cells, as well as sexual dysfunction and regenerative treatment options. She teaches physician training courses and is recognized as a leader in the fields of Regenerative Aesthetics and Regenerative Sexual Medicine. Dr. Killen works closely with Dr. Harry Adelson at Docere Clinics in Park City, Utah, offering patients cutting edge stem cell regenerative treatments for skin, hair and sexual optimization.

For more information, visit
IG/FB: @DrAmyBKillen

That’s all 3 of these health experts, and that’s the order in which you’ll see their interviews. With each of these amazing women, please hear their personal struggles. Know that you’re not alone and that you too can take charge of your health (which shows up your skin and overall radiance).

Please enjoy this episode …


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Reader Interactions

  1. Absolutely loved this podcast. Thank you all for sharing your tips and personal struggles. I know that I am not alone. I’m 26 years old and I have struggled with acne/acne scaring/redness for awhile now. I can’t wait to start trying these new ideas that seem to actually work!

  2. I love hearing personal stories. It sounds strange, but when I see an advertisement for a skincare product, I get angry. Those women probably never had any moderate to severe acne in their life, but they are selling something that has “cleared up their acne.” It feels so fake! I am also glad that there are a variety of things to try to beat skincare issues from possible food intolerance, working on mental health, and treatments for pigmentation issues. r

  3. The SpaDr. Podcasts are always interesting – both for their testimonials and for the alternatives presented.. it’s amazing some of the skin problems these beautiful women have suffered in the past and their absolutely radiant skin they live with now.

  4. Loved this line up! I am a big fan of Dr. Cates and her podcasts anyhow, and this one was no exception. I am also a fan of Magdalena, I love her story! She has great hormone balancing recipes. I have listened to her trainings so much that I almost feel like I know her, so when I ran into her this year at Expo West, I wanted to give her a hug, then I remembered she doesn’t know me. LOL Allergy food testing was a wake up call for me as well. Dr. Joy is new to me, love her advice! I heard the podcast with Dr. Amy, and this was a nice reminder that I really want to try the intense pulse light for my hyperpigmentation.

  5. Loved this. I am lucky to have little if any issues with skin but really enjoyed hearing their stories. Very very valuable information. Thank you!!!!

  6. What a wonderful podcast. I love how knowledgeable and personable all the speakers are. They really make me feel at ease. I trust what they have to say.

  7. Great podcast! Great information. My takeaway is that our face and the skin issues we have reflect what’s going on inside our bodies. It can be an food allergies, lack of sleep, hormones, stress, and other factors. I can work on many of these from the inside out and see a difference in my skin and overall health. Thank you for the information!

  8. This was a great line up of speakers & I appreciated hearing each of their stories & their expertise. I am inspired to get to the bottom of my food intolerance issues & continue to prioritize self care & listen to my intuition when making decisions! I find the advanced therapies for skin health very interesting. Thank you!

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