SEE THE SILVER LINING (COVID-19) with Linda Foster (My Aunt In Italy)

In light of the current challenges we’re having around the world with the new coronavirus (COVD-19), I’m doing something different today and sharing a bonus podcast interview.

This is with my aunt Linda Foster who has been living in Italy for decades and is a peak pilates master instructor and fitness leader in Rome. She is now isolated and protected in the countryside in Italy and is there with her husband and dog.

I did this interview as a Facebook Live and an Instagram Live. Because of technical difficulties I wasn’t able to share directly from zoom. So, that’s why you’ll see me holding my phone. Linda shares some valuable information in this interview including why Italians were at high risk, how serious this virus really is, who it has impacted there (including doctors), what problems they’re having, what we in US can start doing now to protect ourselves both from hygiene and from a wellness perspective. In the end, the message she provides is one of hope.

SO please enjoy this interview…

To learn more about Linda Foster :


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