Secrets for Fuller, Healthier Hair & Radiant Skin with Dr. Shelena Lalji

Dr. Shelena Lalji, known as “Dr. Shel,” is a Board-Certified Ob/Gyn and an honor graduate of Emory University School of Medicine. She has been inspiring and educating women on how to live their healthiest lives for nearly 20 years. After practicing traditional women’s healthcare for over 10 years, she felt the need to focus on a more comprehensive approach to women’s health to uncover the root cause of her patient’s symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms alone.

Dr. Shel is the author of I Am Woman: Our Journeys to Health, Happiness, and Harmony. She inspires women, through nationwide speaking, media and appearances, to believe they deserve to achieve their goals for complete mind, body and spirit balance in their lives. She enjoys her many roles as a physician, a woman’s advocate, an educator, an entrepreneur, a wife and a mother of two children.

On Today’s show, Dr. Shel shares her secrets for fuller, healthier hair and radiant skin. We discuss the various causes of hair loss, what amount of hair loss is normal, and what role hormones (including thyroid) may be playing. We also cover which tests to ask your health care provider to order and essential nutrients. Dr. Shel also shares some tips on how to have vibrant, radiant skin. There are many ways to achieve great looking hair and skin, and focusing on your inner health is the first step you can take. It doesn’t have to be hard to achieve healthier hair and with the right insight you can find out exactly how!

Please enjoy the show! Please don’t hesitate to comment below with what you’ve learned in this episode as a way to begin a discussion. I also love hearing from my listeners about different topics they’d like to see covered in future episodes, so feel free to give recommendations below.

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