Sage Is Your Primary Skin Type

Before jumping into what that means, let start with – you’re a person not just a skin type. For that reason, your skin type has a human name rather than a skin diagnosis or the typical label you may have seen. This way we can take a holistic view of your health into account and address your skin’s root issues for healthier, more vibrant skin.

If you’re a Sage type, you are probably over 40 years old and may feel you’re aging too rapidly. It’s normal for your skin to change as you age because collagen and elastin wear down with time, as well as with greater exposure to weather elements and certain lifestyle factors. Wrinkles aren’t so bad – they’re a sign that you’ve been living and laughing. Still, you probably don’t want to look older than you are. As a Sage-type, you may have genes passed on from your parents that make you more susceptible to premature, or excessive, collagen loss. The good news is you can change your genetic expression by modifying your lifestyle and addressing the root causes that impact collagen loss.

Key Features of the Sage Skin Type

Sagging skin • Loose skin • Excessive wrinkles • Chronic dry skin • Delayed wound healing • Thin Skin

I realize how frustrating this can be, so here are a few suggestions that should help address the root causes of your skin issues with a holistic approach.

A Holistic Approach For Sage Skin Types

1 Protect Your Skin

Excess sun exposure causes skin to lose elasticity and age quickly. Protect your skin on the outside by limiting time in the sun during peaks hours, wearing hats and using a high-quality mineral sunblock. And, protect your skin from the inside out by consuming antioxidant-rich foods such as wild salmon and berries.

2 Avoid Excess Sugar

Excess sugar intake elevates blood sugar, which causes glycation issues, and, in turn, harms the collagen in your skin (meaning more wrinkles and sagging skin). I’m not saying you can never eat sweets again. Rather, keep an eye on your consumption and support healthy blood sugar balance through diet and lifestyle changes. I recommend getting a copy to my free book, Clean Skin From Within, to help you get on track with healthy eating habits.

3 Balance Your Hormones

As you age, your hormones change. While most of your hormones—like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—decline, your stress hormone cortisol may rise. All of this affects your skin texture and appearance. Enjoy daily stress management techniques to balance cortisol, like breath-work, meditation, yoga, and moderate exercise. And, eat foods that support hormone metabolism such as broccoli, cabbage, and other cruciferous veggies, garlic and onions, and colorful fruits and veggies.

4 Boost Your Nutrients

Sage types need key nutrients to maintain collagen and healthy skin. For example, essential fatty acids support skin cell hydration and function, and vitamin C helps build and maintain collagen. You can obtain vitamin C by eating foods such as strawberries and broccoli or through a supplement such as The Spa Dr.’s Vitamin C Fizz. You can also support collagen by taking a collagen supplement such as The Spa Dr.’s Collagen Complete.

5 Rejuvenating Skin Care

Nourish and protect your skin on the outside by using skin care containing natural actives, antioxidants, and organic ingredients. For Sage skin types, I recommend using all four steps of The Spa Dr.’s Daily Essentials both morning and night. When using this skin care system, be sure to apply step 2 on the delicate skin in the eye area because it also works well in place of an eye cream. It’s also terrific to use steps 2, 3 and 4 on the neck and décolleté.


Below are the 3 best products for SAGE Skin Types. Using these on a daily basis will alleviate the common Sage skin problems.

Daily Essentials 4-Step Skin Care System
The Spa Dr.™ Collagen Complete
The Spa Dr.™ Vitamin C Fizz

The recommendations above are not intended to take the place of seeing a doctor. It’s important to work directly with a healthcare provider who can help assess skin issues in-person.

 My goal is to provide you with lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve glowing skin, natural beauty and the confidence that follows. Check your inbox over the next few days for more information from me on how to enhance your skin from the inside out.

If you have any questions about your skin type or the ways you can holistically improve your skin, please feel free to book a free skin care consult call.  I love helping women (and men too!) achieve naturally radiant skin and vibrant health.

 To your glowing skin,

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