Root Causes Behind Food Cravings with Stephanie Dodier

root causes behind food cravings

Today we’re talking about food craving and root causes behind them. My guest is Stephanie Dodier. She is a Clinical Nutritionist, Author of The Crave Cure Program, Inspirational Speaker and Host of The Beyond The Food Show . Stephanie’s integrative and comprehensive approach to nutrition focuses on finding the root causes behind food cravings and aligning your body and mind. Stephanie has been there, too.

Her health journey began 6 years ago while working as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 corporation. She went from suffering severe panic attacks to transforming her life completely, allowing her to regain her health. Stephanie is passionate about sharing her journey with other women while educating and empowering them to achieve the same results.

In today’s interview, Stephanie shares her journey and we discuss the root causes behind cravings with various tips and resources to help you also get your health and life back on track. So, please enjoy this interview…

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