Regenerative Injection Therapies with Dr. Tyna Moore

Regenerative Injection Therapies

As anti-aging medicine continues to increase in popularity, the number of options can be overwhelming and quite costly. On today’s podcast my guest shares her knowledge about regenerative injection therapies (including prolotherapy, PRP and stem cell injections) that are used to help with pain management as well as skin issues, including scarring and signs of aging.

My guest today is Dr. Tyna Moore. She is the Medical Director of Core Wellness Clinic in Portland, OR and specializes in the application of natural pain solutions and regenerative injection therapies. She is licensed as both a Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician. Dr. Moore teaches regenerative medicine around the world and educates physicians as well as the general public.

On today’s podcast, we discuss PRP, prolotherapy, stem cell injections for pain management, regenerative injection therapies and esthetics.

So, please enjoy this interview…


To learn more about Dr. Tyna Moore, visit her website here.


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