Regaining Focus in ADHD with Dr. Parth Gandhi

regain focus adhd

Do you ever feel like you have difficulty focusing or that your mind is racing so much that it’s impacting your ability to hear people or get your work done? It happens to all of us, especially with all of the texting, social media and really everything electronic at our fingertips. But, it’s possible that you have ADHD. This isn’t just something found in children, and it often goes undiagnosed in adults. So, on today’s podcast we’re discussing ADHD – how to know if you have it and what you can do to regain focus and attention.

My guest is Dr. Parth Gandhi, who attended the University of Michigan and then received his doctoral degree in Neuropsychology from Brigham Young University. While there he was able to conduct research in the fields of clinical psychology, developmental neuropsychology, family systems, and leadership development. In Manhattan, he continued post-doctoral training at Columbia University in New York City and then worked as a Leadership Consultant, helping C-level executives understand and hack their strengths to make up for deficits. His current research focuses around: Executive Functioning Development in Emerging Adults and his clinical work focuses on children, adolescents, and adults with attention and learning problems. He has written many articles related to Neurodevelopment, which can be found on his website.

Dr. Gandhi understands the ADHD mind from a personal perspective and has used the gifts of creativity and fluid reasoning to help adult and adolescent clients recognize their potential. His main interest is Neuropsychological Assessment, and he uses a client-centered approach to fully understand how the mind works to define strengths and weaknesses and to create a treatment plan that is individualized for the client. He lives in Salt Lake City, where he is also a Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness teacher.

In this interview, we discuss the signs and symptoms of ADHD as well as how to test for and treat it. We go beyond the typical medication-focused treatment to focus on a more holistic approach.

So, please enjoy this interview…

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