PRP Facials and Stem Cells with Dr. Amy Killen

[three_fourth_last]On today’s podcast we’re talking about regenerative therapies for skin, hair and sexual function, specifically stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection therapies. I’ve had today’s guest on before, but it’s been a few years, so I wanted her back on to share the latest in these procedures.

I often recommend these procedures for my patients to help with acne scarring and for skin texture and tone benefits, so I wanted be sure you are aware of these as well.

My guest today is Dr. Amy Killen, MD. She is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and is fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through A4M and has done extensive additional training in aesthetics, platelet rich plasma and stem cells, hair restoration, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, fitness and sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Killen works closely with Dr. Harry Adelson at Docere Clinics in Park City, Utah, offering patients cutting edge stem cell regenerative treatments for skin, hair and sexual optimization. She is also the Medical Director of an integrative medical practice in Salt Lake City where she focuses specifically on sexual health and skin health using platelet rich plasma, low intensity shockwave therapy, lasers, bio-identical hormones and personalized medical protocols.

Dr. Amy Killen has spoken internationally about regenerative treatment options. She teaches physician training courses and is recognized as a leader in the fields of Regenerative Aesthetics and Regenerative Sexual Medicine.

In today’s interview, Dr. Killen explains PRP and stem cell treatments for skin, hair and sexual dysfunction – what they are, how they work, what the procedures are like, and the benefits she sees in her patients. I had an appointment with Dr. Killen at Docere clinics and we talk about my procedure as well.

So please enjoy this interview.


If you have had these treatments with Dr. Killen or elsewhere, I’d love to hear your stories! Please post a comment below…

To learn more about Dr. Killen, go to:
IG/FB: @DrAmyBKillen

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Transcript of PRP Facials and Stem Cells with Dr. Amy Killen Episode

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  1. I have been considering getting one of these, but I have also heard of a photo facial. Do you have any thoughts on Photo facials?

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