Today, I have invited a top dermatologist, Keira Barr, onto the show to talk about important tips for protecting your skin.

My guest is Dr. Keira Barr, MD who is a double-board certified Dermatologist and an internationally recognized author, leader, speaker and educator in her field. She believes that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin—and that we all have the potential to experience it for ourselves. Dr. Barr is the Chief Wellness Officer of Resilient Health Institute (RHI) and embraces what is on the surface as well as what’s below it.

In today’s interview, Keira Barr and I discuss the major contributors to skin damage and skin cancer and specific ways you can protect your skin.

So please enjoy this interview…

To learn more about Dr. Keira Barr, go to:

To get her free 30 day program: 30 Ways to Resilient Health, go HERE 


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