Today we’re talking about how Prevention is the Best Cure. My guest today is Razi Ann Berry. She is the host and publisher of the award-winning journal Naturopathic Doctor News & Review, The International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, and the preventive health resource NaturalPath.

Her personal journey from illness to health was the catalyst to her interest in naturopathic medicine and her career. She has spent the last decade educating people to live healthier more purposeful lives through publications that bring together leaders in natural and preventive medicine, as well as empowering millions of people to embrace the philosophy that “Prevention is the Best Cure.”

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In today’s interview, Razi shares her powerful story and what we can learn from her experience. We discuss how prevention, addressing the root cause and understanding the healing properties of nature are key to optimal health and a vibrant life.

Topics discussed today include:

  • 15 years ago Razi became very ill with body aches and fatigue, it was affecting her entire life, and she went from Doctor to Doctor trying to find help
  • She searched all over for help and found an integrative medicine clinic, they helped some, then she discovered naturopathic medicine
  • With the naturopathic medicine things shifted almost immediately
  • Lifestyle habits and how our bodies really work are the key to finding health
  • The rise of patient knowledge is happening faster than the healthcare system is changing
  • 5 Tenets of Naturopathic medicine from a patient’s perspective
    • Do no harm
    • Find and treat the cause
    • Treat the whole person
    • Healing power of nature
    • Prevention is the best cure

Key Takeaways:

The tenets of naturopathic medicine are really beautiful. The healing powers of nature can be effective. It’s a profound philosophy and distinct way to heal the body.

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