Welcome to The Spa Dr show, where we talk about health tips and strategies to help you be smart, sexy and strong. I am going to continue to talk about this on upcoming shows, but today I am focusing on my top tips to help you be smart, sexy and strong at age.

In my practice, patients often come to me and say they feel tired, overweight and rundown. They know something is not quite right, but they don’t know where to start. They want to feel more energetic, vibrant and healthier. Some have already been to see another doctor who told them there’s nothing wrong with them. But they know something just isn’t right. They ask, does this just mean I’m getting old? The good news is the answer is NO, and I’ll tell you why on this show!

I’ve had my struggles, just like everyone else. In the past, I’ve been overweight, tired and lost my drive. On today’s show, I will share with you what I’ve learned in my life and 14 years of medical practice. I’m sharing some of my top tips to help you nourish your body, mind and soul so you can enjoy graceful aging, vibrant skin, endless energy, a fit physique and fulfilling life—in other words, smart, sexy and strong!

Please enjoy the show below!
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