PCOS And Your Skin

PCOS and Acne

PCOS also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects up to 5 million women a year, but less than half are diagnosed.

This means that millions of women have no idea that the hormonal imbalances and metabolic problems they are currently experiencing is PCOS.

PCOS is an inherited metabolic disorder that has been linked to insulin resistance, which causes the ovaries to produce too many androgens, or male hormones.

I tell people that their skin is like a “magic mirror.” It reflects what’s happening on the inside of our bodies and PCOS is no exception to that rule.

Women who have PCOS experience some unique skin issues:

  • Dark skin patches (acanthosis nigricans)
  • Certain forms of acne
  • Keratosis Pilaris (appears as tiny bumps on the skin. Some people say these bumps look like goosebumps or the skin of a plucked chicken)
  • Excessive oily skin (since PCOS results in an excess of testosterone, DHEA, and insulin, this commonly leads to over activity of the sebaceous glands and overproduction of oil in the skin pores)
  • Dry skin patches and dandruff
  • Skin tags

Approaching PCOS and skin issues requires a multi-level approach. First, I encourage women to avoid sugars, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, dairy, and non-organic meat.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “There’s nothing left that’s good to eat!”

The truth is that there is so much YOU CAN EAT. Learn more about the wonderful, delicious food that’s out there for you to enjoy in my number one bestselling book, Clean Skin From Within

Also, it is critical that you use non-toxic, natural products on your skin that are free of hormone-disrupting chemicals. My Daily Essentials 4-Step Skincare System is perfectly pH balanced between 4.5-5.0 and they help protect and hydrate skin. Plus, they are effective for all skin types.

The Spa Dr. Daily Essentials 4-Step System includes:

Step 1 – CLEAR: Gentle Cleanser

The Gentle Cleanser is activated by water to remove make-up and impurities from the skin. It contains argan oil, aloe, arnica extract along with other natural ingredients to gently cleanse, replace lost lipids and restore your skin’s natural pH. It’s naturally scented with organic virgin white coconut.

Step 2 – NOURISH: Antioxidant Serum

The Antioxidant Serum contains antioxidants like resveratrol as well as chlorella and hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients that instantly hydrate and nourish to combat aging, environmental stress and inflammation.

Step 3 – RENEW: Enriched Moisturizer

The Enriched Moisturizer keeps your skin healthy, protected and silky smooth. It’s really a sublime moisturizer with top virgin, cold pressed oils and skin hydrators (like Camelina and Argan oils) as well as a green, black and white tea blend to naturally restore your skin, protect against oxidative damage and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This perfectly pH balanced moisturizer protects your skin against dryness and aging and renews your skin for softer, clearer skin.

Step 4 – ENHANCE: Glow Boost

The Glow Boost is the perfect finishing touch. It hydrates with a beautiful blend of natural organic plant oils (such as cranberry, pomegranate, raspberry seed oils). These contain high amounts of skin-loving fatty acids and powerful antioxidants and we add Vitamin E, CoQ10 to ensure your skin is fully enhanced. It helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here’s a list of a few of the many skincare product ingredients that you will want to avoid, especially if have (or suspect you have) PCOS:

  • Fragrance
  • Formaldehyde
  • Mineral oil
  • Petrochemicals
  • Triclosan
  • SD alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Artificial color

Instead of chemicals, treat your skin with love. And, remember, the best solution for PCOS is to address the root cause. If you need help, find a naturopathic physician or functional medicine doctor near you who specializes in PCOS

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