Ageless Beauty: Natural Skin Care Tips Through Generations of Women

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With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the women in our lives and the positive impact they make. Do you have wonder women in your life who are role models and have helped pave the way for you? In my life, my mother is our fearless leader who has inspired my sisters and me to follow our dreams. In her late 70’s, she’s still painting and riding her horse in the wooded hills of Virginia. For you, maybe it’s your mother or perhaps there are other older or younger women around you who inspire you.

I love the concept of ageless beauty because I truly believe that we can have natural inner beauty no matter what age we are. Some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known have been in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Regardless of our age, However, sometimes we want our outside appearance to mirror how beautiful we feel on the inside. Here are some natural skin care tips that are specific to the phase of life you are in. Hormonal changes can make a big difference in where we should focus our energy in our skin care routines.

Teens and 20’s
The focus in this phase of life should be on prevention such as wearing a clean zinc-oxide based sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. You can avoid skin problems later on in life if you care properly for your skin now. At this age, you may be an Olivia Skin Type or have concerns with acne that is still plaguing you from puberty. Avoid the temptation to over-exfoliate and use skin care treatments and procedures that dry out your skin. This approach can actually damage your skin and lead to more breakouts as well as collagen breakdown and premature aging. Instead, focus on a clean skin from within approach by avoiding acne-trigger foods such as sugar and dairy. And, use natural skin care products that thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliate without stripping your skin.

30’s and 40’s
Many women in this age-range start to notice signs of aging and want to slow down the progression of fine lines and wrinkles. Keeping in mind that wrinkles are normal healthy signs that you’ve been living and laughing, there are a lot of internal and external lifestyle changes that can help prevent looking older than your actual age. Eating antioxidant-rich foods such as berries and green leafy vegetables can help prevent oxidative damage that speeds up the aging process. Also, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating a blood sugar balancing diet low in sugar and high in fiber-rich foods (such as legumes and vegetables). Externally, you’ll want to use antioxidant-packed serums and moisturizers that hydrate and plump up your skin with ingredients such as plant-based oils and hyaluronic acid. If you’re a Sage Skin type, you’ll want to be particularly proactive during this time.

Over 50
As we approach and go through menopause, your hormones (such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) go through major shifts, which can show up on your skin. Combine that with years of possibly not taking the best care of your skin, and you’ll find yourself wanting to reverse signs of damage such as age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin. Internally, you can boost your collagen intake by taking a high quality collagen supplement with collagen peptides and other collagen-boosting nutrients. If you’re an Amber Skin Type, you’ll want to be particularly aware of protecting your skin from the sun by using a toxin-free zinc-oxide based sunscreen with a tint to match your skin tone. And, it’s never too late to start using a nourishing, perfectly pH balanced natural skin care system.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

I developed The Spa Dr. product line to help women of all ages have nourishing natural products for their skin without using toxic chemicals that can do more harm than good. We receive testimonials every day from women of all ages who are loving the results they are getting! Here are a few examples:

“I wish I would have had this product when I was a teenager as well as through out my life. Now that menopause is here it has been wonderful for my combination very oily – sometimes dry skin. It helps keep a balance of the two crazies. Clear cleanser actually cleans my skin and leaves it soft, fresh. Not greasy.”
~Kelli W.

“I’ve been using this [Daily Essentials] Skin Care for 2 years now. In last three years I had 2 babies, hormonal rollocauster, bad morning sickness, half of my hair fell off due to my pregnancies plus I live in a very dry climate. This skin care line literally saved my skin. All ingredients are superb, I would even put “Glow Boost” on my growing tummy to soothe itchy skin and with both pregnancies I didn’t get a single stretch mark! When I put it on my face, it feels like my skin is bathing in goodness. It has a very nice subtle smell that I really like and the best part is that you don’t have to guess what else to put on your face, it has everything you need.”
~ Indira A.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and in the spirit of love and giving, it makes sense to give moms and all the amazing women in your life the day off from harsh, toxic skin care products.

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