Have you ever met someone who constantly has to be occupied? Who always has to be doing something else, meeting up with someone, on their phone texting, or watching a video on Facebook or YouTube? These people are so busy “doing” that they can’t seem to make time to just “be.” Maybe this is someone close to you or maybe you realize it’s YOU!

Our life is fast paced. You probably feel the constant pressure – to be there for others, to get things done, to take care of your children, to workout more, to move faster, to do more. This can leave us feeling anxious, confused, and angry. This can also impact our health and show up on our skin. After a while you may begin to forget who you are or why your life turned out exactly as it has. It’s time to come back to yourself and discover what you really need.

And this is exactly what my guest Elaine Glass is talking about today. Elaine Glass graduated from Northwestern University and chose a profession in dental hygiene. After 30 years, listening to challenging stories from thousands of clients and giving to others and neglecting her needs, she lost sight of her own purpose. Elaine Glass knew something had to change in order to reclaim her worth and honor her truest self. She was on a search for the answer outside herself and expected to find it there. But where she found true peace, solitude, calm, good health and ultimately her purpose was when she chose to listen to and trust her own voice. Elaine has switched gears and now runs a successful coaching practice where she focuses on showing people how to get quiet and listen to identify their truth. She has witnessed hundreds of people within professional and personal relationships thrive because of her methods.

So, for this interview, prepare to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Be ready to embrace your fear. You’re going to learn how to open up to inner wisdom you need to hear. Please enjoy this interview with Elaine…



I hope you enjoyed this interview today with Elaine Glass

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