Dr. Mark Menolascino has over 30 years of health care experience and is the Medical Director for the Meno Clinic Center for Advanced Medicine in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He is one of very few physicians that is Board Certified as an Internal Medicine Specialist, Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine, a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner as well as Board Certified in Advanced Hormone Management and Anti-Aging Medicine. Mark Menolascino also has a Master’s Degree in Pharmacology and Immunology.

On today’s show we talk with Dr. Mark Menolascino about functional medicine and the inside/out approach to optimizing health. We cover a number of topics including what functional and naturopathic medicine doctors do to look for and address underlying causes of health problems. For example, Dr. Mark shares some of the specific signs in the skin, hair and nails he looks for on a physical exam that can reveal nutritional deficiencies. Naturopathy refers to the idea that certain diseases and health problems can be treated without using prescription drugs in order to treat them. The naturopathy field often looks for different ways to determine and treat underlying issues as a way to treat illnesses. If you think a naturopathic doctor might be good for you there are a variety of ways to look for a good one in your area. Make sure to ask questions regarding your health and diagnosis in order to make sure that you’re getting the most from your treatments.

So, please enjoy the show with Dr. Mark Menolascino. Please feel free to comment below and begin a discussion on anything new you learned in the show. I also love to hear from my listeners about different topics they’d love to hear me cover in future episodes of the show. Feel free to comment with ideas for future episodes below!

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