Maneesh Sethi is the Founder and CEO of Pavlok—the wearable wristband that trains your habits. He was also the keynote speaker to London’s Royal Society of Medicine and has written four books, including an international bestseller. After studying at Stanford University with habit professor BJ Fogg, Maneesh started multiple companies while traveling the world and helped launch numerous New York Times bestsellers including The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss. Maneesh Sethi has also traveled the world, learned five languages and lived in the wilderness for a month with no backpack or tent. He has focused his life’s work on understanding the psychology of habits to help us better understand how we can break bad ones while forming good ones.

On Today’s show, Maneesh Sethi shares with us how to hack your brain to form good habits. He also discusses the differences between negative and positive reinforcements. He explains how “micro-habits” can help us and how a new wearable device can help us form good habits and break bad ones. There are many habits in our lives that we don’t even realize are habits, sometimes until it’s too late. Maneesh Sethi aims to teach us how we can recognize patterns in our behavior to determine what out habits are. Once we determine our habits we can get a better idea of where we need to improve, either by breaking bad habits or forming good habits.

Find out more about Maneesh Sethi and his wearable habit-training device here and here.

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