Dr. Thaddeus Gala helps clients reverse chronic health issues and has helped over 2,500 clients. He was voted #1 chiropractor in Southern Oregon in addition to receiving the prestigious clinical excellence award. He has been featured on NBC and CBS and is the keynote speaker at hospitals and medical teaching facilities. He is the founder and Medical Director of Complete Care and The Institute of Natural Disease Reversal.

On Today’s show, we talk about how inflammation plays a role in our health. We talk about symptoms (like weight gain, low energy, pain, and unhealthy skin), diseases (like fibromyalgia and diabetes) and the underlying causes associated with chronic inflammation. Find out how inflammation may be holding you back. Inflammation occurs when a specific part of the body becomes swollen or reacts poorly to either a chronic illness or nutritional intake. Because inflammation is more common than people think it is, it can often go unnoticed or untreated in many people. There are two types that can occur in the body—acute and chronic. Acute inflammation happens when the body needs to immediately respond to an injury, such as when we break a bone. Chronic inflammation often occurs when our bodies are intolerant to something we’re putting into them, such as with smoking or exposure to other toxic substances like alcohol. It’s is also a sign of other acute illnesses, so keeping an eye out to how your body is reacting to its environment is important. If you think your body is suffering from this problem, contact your doctor right away.

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