Heath Is Your Primary Skin Type

Before jumping into what the Heath skin type means, let start with – you’re a person not just a skin type. For that reason, your skin type has a human name rather than a skin diagnosis or the typical label you may have seen. This way we can take a holistic view of your health into account and address your skin’s root issues for healthier, more vibrant skin.

 If you’re like Heath, you have a tendency to have red, inflamed, and reactive skin. You may flush more easily than others. If you’re a woman, you may try to cover your reddish complexion with makeup. If you have bumps and breakouts, these still show through, and the redness can be annoying and embarrassing. You may have tried creams, topical medications, or antibiotics to squelch the inflammation, or lasers and other light treatments, but your symptoms probably keep returning.

Key Features of the Heath Skin Type

Redness or inflammation (maybe even with a bumpy texture) • Easily flushed skin • Sensitive skin (reacts easily to skin care products) • Reaction to weather or temperature • Rosacea (redness on face, cheeks, forehead or chin; may have bumps) • Telangiectasia (visible blood vessels)

I realize how frustrating this can be, so here are a few suggestions that should help address the root causes of your skin issues.

A Holistic Approach for Heath Skin Types

1 Reduce Inflammation

When you eliminate inflammation, you see the healthy radiance you deserve. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is key for Heath types. Focusing on a plant-based diet with some anti-inflammatory types of protein such as wild salmon is a great place to start. If you want to boost your anti-inflammatory omega 3 intake, consider taking The Spa Dr.’s Astaxanthin Omega Krill supplement.

2 Balance Your Gut

Balance your gut. When you have poor digestion or an imbalance in the beneficial microorganisms that live within and enhance your digestive system, you’re more likely to have inflamed skin, or what I call “skinflammation.” Eating probiotic-rich foods such as fermented vegetables or coconut yogurt is a great place to start. For extra support, consider taking a high quality probiotic such as The Spa Dr.’s Microbiome Builder.

3 De-Stress Every Day

The stress hormone cortisol also triggers skinflammation. Balance your inflammatory hormones with daily techniques, such as breath-work, yoga, meditation, and other stress-management exercises.

4 Use Calming and Nourishing Skin Care

What you put on your skin also impacts skinflammation. Heath skin types need anti-inflammatory ingredients that nourish skin without the toxic triggers found in many skin care products. Since you may have sensitive skin, I suggest doing a patch test with all skin care products before applying them to your face. Just apply a small amount on the inside of your arm, and if you have any redness, itching or other signs of a reaction over the next 24 hours, do not use that skin care product.


Below are the 3 best products for HEATH Skin Types. Using these on a daily basis will alleviate the common Heath skin problems.

Daily Essentials 4-Step Skin Care System
The Spa Dr.™ Astaxanthin + Omega Krill 60 Capsules
The Spa Dr.™ Microbiome Builder 60 Capsules

Total Value $357.96

The recommendations above are not intended to take the place of seeing a doctor. It’s important to work directly with a healthcare provider who can help assess skin issues in-person.

My goal is to provide you with lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve glowing skin, natural beauty and the confidence that follows. Check your inbox over the next few days for more information from me on how to enhance your skin from the inside out.

If you have any questions about your skin type or the ways you can holistically improve your skin, please feel free to book a free skincare consult call.  I love helping women (and men too!) achieve naturally radiant skin and vibrant health.

To your glowing skin,

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