Genetically Driven Personalized Medicine with Dr. Deedra Mason

genetics and personalized medicine

On today’s podcast, we’re discussing how your genes play a role in your health and what you can do to change your genetic expression for optimal health.

Dr. Mason is a Naturopathic Physician, emphasizing complimentary approaches to chronic disease. A graduate of National University of Natural Medicine, Dr. Mason uses a diverse combination of naturopathic medicine, western botanical medicine, physiotherapy, and conventional medical therapies to recover each individual’s full potential for wellness. She completed her undergraduate work at Pacific University, then began her study of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating from National University of Natural Medicine. While working within her community, through “The Willamette Wellness Community,” an outreach project connecting health professionals with their neighborhood, she came to lecture about the benefits of natural approaches to health and healthy aging.

She lectures around the world on weight loss, healthful aging and nutrigenomics and is the Clinical Director for the not for profit nEI –educational institute. Dr. Mason is known for her passionate lectures, commitment to quality patient care and the advancement of professional education.

In today’s interview, we discuss how to personalize and individualize medicine around your genes. This information will help you understand why there isn’t a one-size-fits all diet and wellness plan for everyone. Dr. Mason shares how you can change the ways your genes express themselves through your lifestyle choices.

So please enjoy this interview…

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Transcript of Genetically Driven Personalized Medicine with Dr. Deedra Mason

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