5 Essential Oils to Fight Acne

Essential Oils for Acne

Last week on my podcast we talked about a possible link between acne and fluoride. Today I wanted to go into a little more depth on this topic and other things that may help. Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States affecting up to 50 million Americans. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, adult-onset acne is on the rise among women in their twenties, thirties, forties, and even fifties and we’re not just talking a few pimples.

A 2014 study in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology suggested that in the United States, about 45% of women ages twenty-one to thirty had clinical acne, 26% of women ages thirty-one to forty had clinical acne, and 12% of women ages forty-one to fifty had clinical acne.

In my book Clean Skin From Within I discuss in depth how what we put INSIDE our bodies can have a dramatic impact on the health of our skin. However, that is not to say that there aren’t some tips and tricks we can use externally to help with certain skin issues. Today I want to discuss using essential oils for acne and give you five of my favorite oils to use.

What are the best essential oils for acne?

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce acne breakouts for mild to moderate acne.

2. Clary Sage Essential Oil contains natural antimicrobial agents, so it can be helpful in addressing skin infections and eruptions.

3. Ylang-ylang Flower Essential Oil helps balance sebum levels for both overly dry and overly oily complexions. It also has a soothing and smoothing effect, and makes a great addition to DIY skin care for all skin types.

4. May Chang Peel Essential Oil is widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for its anti- congestive and antiseptic benefits. In skincare, it helps prevent and treat oily skin and acne thanks to its astringent, antimicrobial anti-inflammatory action. It helps cleanse and reduce pores size without irritating the skin.

5. Bergamot Fruit Essential Oil has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. Bergamot oil can help regulate sebum secretion as well as promotes wound healing and regeneration.

Why are essential oils good for treating acne or breakouts?

Essential oils have natural healing properties without chemical exposures and harmful side effects of many acne treatments. You can combine oils to get the results you want without damaging your skin. Many of the oils are antimicrobial and soothing to the skin.

Tips for using essential oils for acne

  • Make sure to use essential oils diluted, especially tea tree oil since the undiluted variety can burn and irritate skin when applied directly.
  • Use pure and organic essential oils to ensure they’re toxin-free and effective.
  • Use them consistently for best results.

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What are your favorite essential oils for your skin?

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