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digestive health

On this podcast, we often talk about root causes behind skin and other health concerns, and today we’re covering what I consider to be 1 of the most important root causes: digestive health.

And, I’m excited to cover this important topic with a very special guest, my friend and colleague Dr. Michael Murray.

Dr. Murray is one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine. He has published over 30 books featuring natural approaches to health. He is a graduate, former faculty member, and serves on the Board of Regents of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.

Through his work with leading companies, Dr. Murray has been instrumental in bringing many effective natural products to North America, including: Glucosamine sulfate, St. John’s wort extract, Silymarin (milk thistle extract), Enteric coated peppermint oil, Saw palmetto berry extract, PGX, and PharmaGABA.

On today’s podcast, we cover how to know if you have digestive issues. Here’s a hint: it may not even be a digestive symptom. We also discuss why the conventional approach often fails and natural alternatives to address the root issues and heal your body from the inside out.

So please enjoy this interview…

Dr. Murray shares how you can delve deeper into digestive health in his free online Digestive Health Summit.

Learn more about Dr. Michael Murray HERE!

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