Clean Skin from Within: Celebrating 2 Years of Overcoming Skin Problems

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Each of us experiences struggles in our lives, and for many of us, it’s with our skin.

Skin problems are real…

  • Acne affects 50 million Americans each year, including 85% of those in their teens and early twenties. Acne also impacts and is, curiously, on the rise in adults.
  • One in ten people have atopic dermatitis (eczema) at some point during their life.
  • Rosacea, another common chronic skin condition, impacts 16 million Americans.

Those are just a few of the most common skin conditions – there are many more!


Clean Skin from Within

Helping people overcome skin problems started as a passion for me (due to my own struggles and recovery from debilitating skin issues), and it’s turned into a dream come true because of the feedback I’ve received from tens of thousands of people who have experienced relief by following the clean skin from within approach I share in my book Clean Skin from Within.

Two years ago, my book Clean Skin from Within became a USA Today and Amazon #1 bestseller in skin ailments. Since that time, I’ve learned so much from my readers, patients and customers.

Every day people share their stories with me about how their skin issues (and the treatments they’ve tried) have impacted their lives. From the young man in the mobile phone store feeling emotional ups and downs after taking Accutane to a patient with acne on her chest and back so severe that she was embarrassed to be in a swimsuit or be intimate with her husband.

I’ve heard countless stories about incessant itching from other skin rashes, eruptions and inflammation that makes sleep, school and work next to impossible. Parents of impacted children and adults themselves have shared the physical impact as well as the emotional stress this has caused in their lives.

Every one of these stories brings tears to my eyes – because they’re real, and I’ve been there too.

If you’ve read Clean Skin From Within, then you know how the sense of desperation many people feel quickly turns into hope, at first, and then relief when using the clean skin from within approach…

Here are some of the words readers have shared …

A great read for skin problems, as well as improving your overall health
“I have struggled with acne most of my adult life. Every dermatologist I have seen over the years has merely treated the symptoms by prescribing me different topical solutions, as well as high dose antibiotics. My acne would clear up temporarily, but always come back with a vengeance, plus I started developing other problems such as GI problems and food sensitivities due to the oral antibiotics. It wasn’t until I started addressing the root cause, as outlined in Dr. Cates’ book, that my skin started looking better – without harsh medications. Plus, my overall health and wellbeing have improved as well. I love her all natural approach, and her skin care products are great as well. It’s so nice to find products that actually work that aren’t full of chemicals. Thank you, Dr. Cates for bringing this information to the public. If you have skin issues this is a must read.”
~ Stacie M.

So much great information!
“Love this book and all of the content! Every time I have gone to a dermatologist they just prescribe a bunch of topical treatments filled with toxic chemicals. I started the 2 week cleanse as soon as I received my book and I am already seeing amazing results! Great recipes too!”
~ Happy Mom

What Other Doctors are Saying

Before writing this book, I was limited in my ability to help people because I could only meet one on one. Now when people reach out to me on social media, in conversations (even on airplanes), and at lectures to doctors, people tell me about the remarkable improvements they’ve experienced using the exact protocol I used to help hundreds of patients over the past decade.

Of course, a book isn’t going to cure everyone that reads it, but the thousands of responses I’ve received show that more and more people are loving the clean skin from within approach. Even other doctors tell me they keep a copy of Clean Skin From Within in their waiting room for patients to borrow or peruse while waiting for their appointments. Naturopathic and functional medicine doctors who don’t have time during appointments to explain the importance of toxins in skin care products and healthier alternatives, are able to hand out the book to their patients with confidence.

So excited to share this book with patients
Most of my patients are aching for glowing skin. In fact, it’s one of the top “wishes” they have for overall wellness. I’m so happy to have a book to recommend now that can serve as a guide outside of my clinical work! Dr. Cates has written a well-researched and incredibly strategic book. Very excited that she shares such wonderful information in an easy to use format!”
~ Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.

Learning to have healthy skin from within
Healing the body starts from within and the last place to see the effects of that lifestyle is the skin. This book breaks down the building blocks of beautiful skin but doesn’t detract from the work that needs to be done on the inside with regards to living a healthy lifestyle. Dr Cates has the complete holistic understanding of what it means to have beautiful skin from a beautiful foundation. I think this book should be on the shelf of every person that wants to look and feel younger from a powerful foundation.”
~ Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD

“A results-driven approach to skin. Dr. Cates explains how your skin is giving you messages about your health, and she provides an easy-to-follow plan to finally have the skin you want and deserve.”
~ Mark Hyman, M.D.

“An empowering guide filled with keen insight and heartfelt compassion that can help every woman or man feel beautiful inside and out.”
~ Michael T. Murray, N.D.

What Readers are Saying

In addition to overcoming health challenges, many people are hungry for natural alternatives to keep their skin glowing healthfully as they age. Thankfully, this book has also proved to be an invaluable resource. For both consumers and skin experts, Clean Skin From Within has given many women confidence to reveal their natural beauty.

I love this book
“I love this book by Dr. Cates! She dials down exactly how to have clear, glowing skin from the inside out! I already started her 2-week plan with amazing success! If you are looking to maintain the youthfulness of your skin, this is the book for you.”
~ Alex

So much to learn!!!
“I thought I knew all there was about basic skincare. I was wrong. This book has taught me a lot. Not just about products and what ingredients to avoid but about food and the effects it has on the skin. It includes several delicious recipes I can’t wait to try out.”
~ Kathy L.

Glow from within
“I loved Clean Skin From Within so much that I bought a copy for my niece. She’s young and beautiful but I want to help her stay that way. I read this book practically in one sitting and was fascinated with all I DIDN’T know about how inner care improves outer appearance. I am using a dry brush now, and lavender oil and have spiffed up my diet. I’m already noticing a change in some of the discolorations on my face that I try so hard to cover up with foundation. I would recommend this book to anyone seriously interested in glowing skin from within in a quick enjoyable read.”
~ Dorinda Kelly

What Estheticians are Saying

Estheticians and spa owners who appreciate the clean skin from within approach but don’t have training or time to teach their clients about the importance of diet have purchased dozens of books at a time to give out to their clients. And they love sharing all the delicious recipes that help empower their clients to make the changes they need.

“Everyone who reads this book will benefit with a relevant takeaway, whether you’re trying to heal from a skin condition or simply want to maintain a youthful glow.”
~ Rachael Pontillo, master esthetician and best-selling author of Love Your Skin,
Love Yourself

“Dr. Cates’ book has been so helpful to have on hand for myself, and all of my clients. So many individuals who understand that their skin reflects their digestion, but don’t quite know what exactly to do from there. This is the perfect go-to, easy to follow read for anyone.
Thanks for writing this on behalf of all of us in the skin care and wellness field, Dr. Cates!”
~ Annie Sattree, master esthetician

Bottomline, word is spreading and Clean Skin From Within is getting into the hands of more and more people. People like you are sharing with friends, family and colleagues and helping spread this important message to give others hope and solutions in ways that they never thought possible before. So, thank you for sharing! And for being apart of what I call a holistic skin care movement.

Our skin is our magic mirror and gives us great clues about our overall health. Let’s not suppress those messages but, instead, to give it a voice. Please help me continue to spread the message about Clean Skin From Within to address root causes and help nourish our skin both inside and out.

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