Your Child’s Health with Ryan and Teddy Sternagel

your child's health

My guests on today’s episode of The Spa Dr. Podcast are Ryan and Teddy Sternagel who started My Kid Cures Cancer one year after their son Ryder was diagnosed in 2014 with stage four neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer of the nervous system. They’re here to talk about how to become the CEO of your child’s health.

Wanting to do everything they could for their son, Ryan and Teddy dove deep into integrative research and as a result, today Ryder is a happy, healthy little boy. Early on in the journey, however, it had become apparent that practically no information of this kind existed written in a way that parents could understand if and how it would apply to their children. After consulting with doctors and health experts all over the world, and a whole lot of trial and error, My Kid Cures Cancer was born to make finding this information accessible to other parents that need it.

In today’s interview, Ryan and Teddy tell their story with their son Ryan’s journey. And, they share tips on how the rest of us can create a healthier home for our families to thrive. Learn how to take control of your child’s health today.

So please enjoy this interview…

To learn more about Teddy and Ryan, go to

There you can grab your Healthy Home Checklist.

Through its videos, podcast and in depth articles, My Kid Cures Cancer provides parents with information both on integrative approaches to cancer treatment for those that need it and how to make sure cancer never afflicts their family in the first place for everyone else.

Search “My Kid Cures Cancer” to follow their podcast or YouTube channel.




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  1. Can you tell me what you brand and model whole house purifier you used for your new home please? Also, other than wool, do you have any carpet in your new home, if so what kind is it? We are renovating our newer home due to water damage and need a whole house purifier (we already have a whole house air exchange) and cannot seem to find one that takes out vocs and Formaldehyde. I am sure whichever system you put in is the best as in one video you called it the Cadillac of systems lol. Our son is only a year and half out from a bone marrow transplant from leukemia and many of the potential new home flooring products have vocs and/or Formaldehyde in them. We cannot take that chance again as you know all to well. It seems we will not be able to avoid all of the chemicals so we really need help on what system to get to help get the vocs out of our home. Thank you very much for helping us on our quest!!

    • For water filtration (RO and whole house), I personally use Water Science, which is based where I live (in Park City, Utah). The only carpet in my home is in the basement and it is 100% wool. The rest of my home has hard wood and tile floors.

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