PCOS And Your Skin

PCOS also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects up to 5 million women a year, but less than half are diagnosed. This means that millions of women have no idea that the hormonal imbalances and metabolic problems they are currently experiencing is PCOS. PCOS is...

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PCOS and Acne

Don’t Miss A Single Thing! How To Whitelist The Spa Dr.

Email. It’s a complicated relationship. So we're going to make it easier by teaching you how to whitelist. We're doing this because we want to make certain that you actually SEE all the tips, trends, and fun stuff that we send you, but in order to have access to...

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How To Whitelist The Spa Dr.

Clean Eating Is Easier Than You Think

Eating clean really is easier than you think and has so many benefits, including better skin. I find that there is often some confusion about what clean eating is and how to achieve it, though, which is why I want to take a moment to address how it can be easily...

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clean eating

Here Are The Best Exfoliation Practices

Exfoliation plays an important role in your skincare regimen. Done correctly, exfoliation helps remove dead, dull surface skin cells to reveal the fresh, glowing skin underneath. It also helps your skin remove toxins and even enhances the effectiveness of your...

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The Spa Dr.’s Five Skin Types

When I work with patients, my goal is to always treat the whole person, not a list of symptoms. After all, none of us are defined by our health issues. That is why I chose human names for the five skin types rather than defining them by lists of symptoms. This...

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Potential Problems with Common Dermatology Prescriptions

Dermatologists and primary care doctors are terrific at diagnosing skin conditions. Unfortunately, they typically focus on treating the symptoms of common skin problems rather than the underlying cause. The result is a propensity to rely on prescriptions such as...

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My 5 Holistic Skin Discoveries

Through my work and research, as well as my personal history with chronic skin conditions as a child, I made five holistic skin discoveries. Holistic health – the idea that you must consider the whole person – has become much more accepted in recent years....

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