10 Ways To Soothe Dry Skin

As we transition from the warm weather of late fall into the chilling temperatures of early winter, you’ll probably notice your skin start to dry out more quickly than it did before. Dry skin is a common seasonal issue that is treatable despite having quite a few...

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ways to soothe dry skin

How To Get More Of What You Love With A VIP Membership

When I started creating blog content and podcasts on my website, I did so with the intention of creating a community among my customers. There are so many elements to optimal health and vibrant skin and I felt that I needed to keep the conversation going in more...

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VIP membership

PCOS And Your Skin

PCOS also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects up to 5 million women a year, but less than half are diagnosed. This means that millions of women have no idea that the hormonal imbalances and metabolic problems they are currently experiencing is PCOS. PCOS is...

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PCOS and Acne

Don’t Miss A Single Thing! How To Whitelist The Spa Dr.

Email. It’s a complicated relationship. So we're going to make it easier by teaching you how to whitelist. We're doing this because we want to make certain that you actually SEE all the tips, trends, and fun stuff that we send you, but in order to have access...

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How To Whitelist The Spa Dr.

The Beginner’s Guide To Podcasts + The Spa Dr. Show

One of the things I love about the on-trend podcast movement is that you can listen to your favorite talk show anytime, anywhere. That's because podcasts are SO MUCH more than a regular radio station. Today there are hundred of thousands of podcasts covering every...

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How to Listen to A Podcst


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