Dr. Anup Kanodia, MD, MPH discovered that his initial medical school training was not enough for him to fundamentally help people achieve true, long lasting health. Early in his residency at the Mayo Clinic, he began to notice that the symptom/drug approach worked for acute problems, such as severe bacterial infections and heart attacks, but this model was fundamentally flawed for chronic health conditions. This is where Dr. Anup Kanodia decided to change his career focus in order to best help more people.

Dr. Anup Kanodia believes the reason this model is inadequate is because it is entrenched in dispensing pharmaceuticals that often have severe side effects and do not address the “root” cause to treat the person. He went on to do a Harvard Medical School Complementary and Integrative Medicine Fellowship and study functional medicine, and he learned to help people get to the root cause of different illnesses.

On Today’s show Dr. Anup Kanodia shares with us some of the root causes of common diseases, what many people eat that creates numerous health problems, and what may be robbing you of your health. This is a great interview for those of you who have tried everything and are searching for real solutions—so you can, as Dr. Anup Kanodia says, “get well, stay well and live well.” He shares tips on how to live a healthier life by focusing on small changes you can make in order to better your health.

So, please enjoy the show. Feel free to comment about what you’ve learned below to begin a discussion. I also love hearing from my listeners about topics they want to see me cover in the future!

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