An inside out approach, using Homeopathy With Dr. Amy Bader

My guest is Dr. Amy Bader who is a naturopathic doctor, teacher, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. Dr. Bader graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine, where she is a clinical faculty member. She has private practices in both Northern California and Portland and is passionate about treating patients with chronic diseases using clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, Biotherapeutic Drainage, and homeopathy.

Dr. Bader is regularly featured in newspapers, radio and magazines as an expert and was a founding co-director of the National University of Natural Medicine’s Integrative Skin Care Clinic. She was recently featured on the cover of HERLIFE Magazine with a story on “The Power of Resilience” and she’s also a contributing columnist for the NaturalPath, an online natural health resource.

Dr. Bader’s desire for continued personal fulfillment and sharing the tried and true fundamentals of her practice more broadly, led to the creation of SkinTe, the first-ever collagen sparkling tea. As co-founder of SkinTe, Dr. Bader’s love of natural medicine is the foundation of the brand’s promise to unleash health and beauty from the inside out every day.

In today’s interview, we discuss how to use homeopathy and drainage for skin and other health challenges. And, Dr. Bader shares her own personal struggles with skin and what led her to become a naturopathic physician and later co-founder of SkinTe.

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Second, Dr. Bader is offering a limited number 15 minute phone consultations (for the first 50 people who contact her) to discuss what miasmatic pattern you might have, and how biotherapuetic drainage or homeopathy might be best used in your case. Use the link below to book directly (first come, first serve).


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