Amber Is Your Primary Skin Type

Before jumping into what Amber skin type means, let start with – you’re a person, not just a skin type. For that reason, your skin type has a human name rather than a skin diagnosis or the typical label you may have seen. This way we can take a holistic view of your health into account and address your skin’s root issues for healthier, more vibrant skin.

If you’re like Amber, after going in the sun, your skin pigments appear in certain areas of your skin in the form of freckles, melasma, age spots, liver spots, or uneven skin tone. Sunscreen helps prevent more, but once these characteristics appear, they usually linger. You may have tried skin-lightening creams and treatments only to find that you then have to be extra cautious going in the sun because you’re even more prone to hyperpigmentation.

Key Features of the Amber Skin Type

Hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin in certain areas) • Freckles • Melasma (brown or gray-brown patches that usually appear on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, or upper lip); also called the “mask of pregnancy” but can plague individuals who are not pregnant • Uneven skin tone

I realize how frustrating this can be, so here are a few suggestions that should help address the root causes of your skin issues with a holistic approach.

For Amber skin types…

1 Protect Your Skin

You want to prevent pigmentation changes to your skin because they’re signs of sun damage, and they can signal internal disturbances. So, protect your skin from excess sun exposure by limiting your time in the sun during peaks hours, wearing hats and using a high-quality mineral sunblock made with natural ingredients.

2 Manage Your Stress

Amber-types are affected by the stress hormone cortisol. This adrenal hormone increases when you’re stressed and triggers inflammatory pathways in the body, including worsening hyperpigmentation. Enjoy daily techniques to curb stress, like breath-work, yoga and other stress-management exercises.

3 Balance Hormones

Certain types of hyperpigmentation such as melasma are triggered by pregnancy, birth control pills, and hormone therapy. Changes in women’s sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) trigger extra melanin production during sun exposure, leading to melasma. So, make sure you eat foods from the cruciferous vegetable family to help with hormone balance, such as broccoli, turnips, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collards, mustard greens, radishes, and rutabaga. The glucosinolates in these vegetables, in particular, indole-3-carbinol increases the liver’s ability to metabolize estrogen by almost 50 percent. Lightly steaming these vegetables will improve their nutrient absorbability.

4 Increase Your Antioxidants

Since oxidative damage from sun and pollutants can worsen uneven skin tone, it’s smart to increase your antioxidant intake by including colorful fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, and other high antioxidant-rich foods in your diet every day. Here are some of my favorites: berries, avocados, black beans, chia seeds, and wild salmon. Since diet alone is sometimes not enough, consider taking an antioxidant-rich supplement such as Astaxanthin Omega Krill Supplement.

5 Use High-Quality Skin Care

Use high-quality skin care. Nourish and protect your skin on the outside by using skin care containing natural actives, antioxidants, and organic ingredients. For Amber skin types, I recommend using all four steps of The Spa Dr.’s Daily Essentials both morning and night.


Below are the 3 best products for AMBER Skin Types. Using these on a daily basis will alleviate the common AMBER skin problems.

Daily Essentials 4-Step Skin Care System
Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer 30 2.5oz: DeVita Professional Skin Care
The Spa Dr.™ Astaxanthin + Omega Krill 60 Capsules

The recommendations above are not intended to take the place of seeing a doctor. It’s best to work directly with a healthcare provider who can help assess skin issues in-person.

My goal is to provide you with lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve glowing skin, natural beauty and the confidence that follows. Check your inbox over the next few days for more information from me on how to enhance your skin from the inside out.

If you have any questions about your skin type or the ways you can holistically improve your skin, please feel free to book a free skin care consult call.  I love helping women (and men too!) achieve naturally radiant skin and vibrant health.

To your glowing skin,

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