Addressing Environmental Stressors with Maggie Berghoff

environmental stressors

Today we live with more pollutants and environmental stressors than ever before and it is negatively impacting our health. So, on this episode of my podcast, my guest, Maggie Berghoff shares 6 environmental stressors and some biohacks to help reduce their impact.

Maggie Berghoff is a nurse practitioner trained in Functional Medicine.  She uses a step-by-step framework known as Balance Protocol to transform the lives of men and women.  Her approach to health and wellness puts the client at the center of the story to understand the unique biochemical individuality of each person so they can discover long-term solutions to live a vibrant life.

In this podcast interview, Maggie dives into 4 of the 6 environment stressors: air, EMFs, light, and sound – She discusses how these impact your health and shares tips to healthier practices.

So please enjoy this interview…


To learn more about Maggie Berghoff, go to her website here.

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