How would you like to have all day energy and radiance?

On Today’s show, my guests Erica Jones and Dr. Isaac Jones cover 3 Steps to Creating All Day Energy and Radiant Beauty. We discuss the main underlying causes of common health problems and Erica shares some great tips for flawless skin. We also cover some top essential oils for radiant health and beauty.

Erica and Dr. Jones are the Founders of Designer Health Centers which has received a certification from the United Nations for its “Excellence in Healthcare.”

Dr. Jones is not only a doctor but a Successful entrepreneur and owner of 3 different companies. He is an advisor and high performance consultant to CEO’s and leading entrepreneurs around the world. Dr. Jones was once in special needs, diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Today you’ll learn how over the course of several years he transformed his brain and body function and received academic scholarships to become the performance doctor he is today.

Erica Jones is the creator of, a website dedicated to natural and organic strategies for a gorgeous, glowing complexion. You’ll learn what led Erica to join Dr. Jones in creating Designer Health Centers and become dedicated to teaching health optimization tools to people around the world.

I learned about these 2 when they were on the Essential Oils Summit and then asked them to come on as a guest today.

Enjoy the show.




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Learn more about Dr Jones by visiting his website called Super Human Entrepreneur.

Learn more about Erica Jones by visiting her website called True Beauty You.

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