Dr. Hyla Cass

Nationally acclaimed innovator and expert in the fields of integrative medicine and psychiatry. “I really like working with you Trevor and I know you have a lot of fans because you are good. I’ve listened to you and think you’re one of the best doctors around.”

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Dr. Pedram Shojai

Founder of Well.Org “You and I go way back and I love the fact that you’re doing a podcast now. People need to see your smiling face and hear your message more often because you’re awesome. I’m excited to have you stepping out and becoming the public figure you’re supposed to be, because you’re great.”

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Dr. Sara Gottfried

Author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and the New York Times bestselling book, The Hormone Cure. “Trevor Cates is a naturopathic physician who has fantastic perspective on how to help men and women with balancing their hormones naturally and really approach their health in a new way.”

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Kaylin Richardson

Olympic Skiier “I have followed programs from nutritionists, sports science experts, and health gurus before. But I always felt that they lacked specificity. We are all so incredibly different, so the bold claim that this diet or that workout will work for everyone is absurd. Dr. Cates differed in that she took in all the […]

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Scott Cowdrey

Spa Director Waldorf Astoria Spa Park City, 2009 – 2014 “Dr. Trevor Cates has been a valuable asset as the Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator for the Waldorf Astoria Spa. Her passion in caring for individuals as a licensed physician fully trained in both conventional and alternative medicines is paramount. She separates facts from fads surrounding […]

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