Fit2Fat2Fit with Drew Manning

Have you ever been too embarrassed to go to the gym because you’re afraid everyone is judging how out of shape you are? Have you seen a fitness instructor or personal trainer and thought to yourself he or she had NO idea what you were going through? They’re already so fit, so how could they […]

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Is Your Gut Happy with Dr. Vincent Pedre

Is your gut happy? Do you have skin issues, digestive problems, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, pain or mood issues? My guest today shares how to know if your gut is happy, and if not, what you can do about it. My Guest is Dr. Vincent Pedre. He is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and […]

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The Evolution in Medicine with James Maskell

Today we’re talking about an evolution in medicine. You’ve heard me talk about naturopathic and functional medicine and getting to the root cause of your skin and other health issues, and my guest today shares how you may be able to have greater access to this kind of medicine now and even in the future. […]

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The Meaning of Your Life with Elaine Glass

Have you ever met someone who constantly has to be occupied? Who always has to be doing something else, meeting up with someone, on their phone texting, or watching a video on Facebook or YouTube? These people are so busy “doing” that they can’t seem to make time to just “be.” Maybe this is someone […]

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