Kaylin Richardson

Olympic Skiier

“I have followed programs from nutritionists, sports science experts, and health gurus before. But I always felt that they lacked specificity. We are all so incredibly different, so the bold claim that this diet or that workout will work for everyone is absurd. Dr. Cates differed in that she took in all the data and thoroughly analyzed it. Then, with my personal goals in mind, she created an eating plan and exercise outline that was catered to me, and only me. Throughout the entire process it was very motivating to know that I wasn’t meticulously watching what I eat and diligently sweating in the gym for naught. Unlike so many trial and error pursuits, this program made sense to me because Dr. Cates explained the “why.” And the “why” makes all the difference in the world. For the last month and a half, I have followed her guidelines, and to her credit, I am feeling fantastic! I highly recommend this experience for anyone regardless of whether they have chronic health problems or just need more energy. It is a life-enhancer!”